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Which Business Entity is Right for You?
One of the most important decisions you will make when starting a new business is deciding what type of business entity your business will be. In order to avoid unlimited personal liability business owners can form a C-Corporation, an S-Corporation or an LLC and shield their personal assets.

Should I Start My Own LLC?
Summer is here! A nostalgic reminder of summer vacations, summer jobs and lemonade stands. Even as kids, we all had an entrepreneurial spirit in us. Today it may be setting up e-shop on or starting that house-flipping company. No matter where your interests and creativity may take you, there are some very important threshold considerations to become familiar with before starting a business.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Gaining
The use of ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) to settle commercial disagreements before engaging in a civil trial is gaining popularity. While not every disagreement can be settled this way, for those that can, NeJame Law attorney Tom Sadaka has experience using ADR to save time and money — for both parties.

Solving your collection problems
There is no question that the economy is in a recession. In this current economic environment, your business has undoubtedly experienced difficulty in the maintenance of regular accounts receivable collections.