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August 15, 2018

★★★★★ Posted in Google by Marcelo Pilapil
First of all, I and my family would like to thank NEJAME LAW FIRM for helping me with my very complicated and sensitive 20 yr old hopeless immigration problem. I've been denied 3 times with 3 different experienced immigration lawyers. Since then, I've been searching and consulting other lawyers and they all told me that I have no chance and banned for life. We prayed and never lost hope until NEJAME HELP came. Special thanks to Mr. Yazen Abdin who always stays on top of my case from the start until I got my GREEN CARD in less than a year and also special thanks to Mr. Shahzad Ahmed who guided us all the way, make sure that we did not miss a thing and also make sure that we are always on the right track. Both of them are nice, kind, honest, sincere, hard working and they treat us not just like a client but also like a friend.. I highly recommend NeJame Law for those who need HELP.

August 11, 2018

★★★★★ Posted in Google by Edith Paul
I am so grateful for Mr. Shahzad Ahmed and his team who provided great advice and facilitated the process of getting my green card and the removal of the conditions after the first 2 years. They're knowledgeable, trustworthy and most of all, they care for people. Thank you for being these wonderful beings, your presence on this planet is such a contribution for greater possibilities. :)

August 3, 2018

★★★★★ Posted in Google by Kat Clukey
My family and I could not have been more happier than the results we got from being with this law firm. From the first meeting with Attorney Yazen Abdin and Attorney Shahzad Ahmed, we were met with exceptional service. They delivered results that no other lawyers were able to help us with and I am eternally grateful for helping us. They worked dilligently and with excellence. I will only recommend them from now on when people are looking immigration lawyers! Thank you Attorney Abdin for being with my dad throughout the entire process! Because of you, what was once impossible became possible. Kat Clukey

May 21, 2018

The Best immigration Lawyer

★★★★★ Posted in AVVO by anonymous
My case was extremely difficult and a waiver was needed to get an approval. My Brother-in-low found lawyer Mr Shahzad Ahmed and gave me he's number. Attorney Mr Shahzad Ahmed took my case and worked with such care,dedication and professionalism that you can only find in books about unique lawyers. Extreme hardship waiver was approved and I'm Legal now.

March 16, 2018

Best Immigration Lawyer

★★★★★ Posted in AVVO by Patricia
Mr. Shahzad Ahmed is a GREAT lawyer. Always answered all of our questions and was there when we needed him. He is excellent professional, very organized and cares about his customer's cases. He made sure I had noting to worry about while handling my case. Also communicated very effectively to us during the whole process. I would definitely recommend him as an Immigration Lawyer.

March 13, 2018

★★★★★ Posted in Google and Yelp by Luana Leventhal
Shahzad is a force to be reckoned with. We switched attorneys less than a month before our initial appointment date, and Shahzad and his team were swift with collecting what we needed for our ICE appointment. He was up front, honest, and thorough the entire time we worked with them. Although some parts of our case were grueling, everything that happened, was predicted and prepared for by Shahzad and Neli. Detention was inevitable, but we won our removal case without even having to testify. Shahzad and his team went above and beyond, checking in weekly and considering evidence the our prior attorney would not. He prepared a very strong case for us and I do not feel we could have asked for a better person to have in our corner. He is genuine and very good at his job, and makes you feel as though you are his only case. Our family is eternally grateful to Nejame Law! We were so blessed to have them as they are truly miracle workers and resolved our case in less than 2 months. Genuine care with clients goes a long way and that was apparent from day one with both Neli and Shahzad. We will be using them to file remaining citizenship paperwork and could not be more pleased to continue giving them our business. Highly recommend!

February 8, 2018

★★★★★ Posted in Google by Bassem Chaaban
Great firm. Attorney Shahzad and Yazen are professional and experienced. With all the difficulties that my father faced during his interview, he was able to get his citizenship with the help of attorney Yazen. It is highly recommended. Thank you Yazen and Shahzad for all the hard work.

January 12, 2018

Great feedback

★★★★★ Posted in AVVO by anonymous
Shahazad Ahmed called me after I sent him an email about my case. He provided a great feedback on next steps with no charge. Based on short conversation, Shahzad seems to be great attorney for immigration cases.

Thanks Shahzad

August 19, 2018

Green card to become citizen

★★★★★ Posted in AVVO by Mohammed
honestly Ahmed is honest lawyer, doesnt promise anything, he doesnt like to surprised by immigration officer, so be honest with him and dont leave anything without telling him so he can be prepared.

He is very smart and strong in his major, and he has alot of respect in the immigration deparment.

I hired Ahmed from the begining till i got green card. I am here not to praise Ahmed but to help any one who needs help in any immigration situation, because i know how hard its to look for a lawyer, i am saying its really difficult to find good lawyer especially in my case i had to react fast, i had no time even to look for one, on top of that which lawyer is trust worthy , they all have good profile, they all have suits on, they all have beautiful offices, they all have fansy websites. I am here trying save every immigrants time and their money, since i am one and i know how hard its to find good lawyer and be honest with you.

I consulted many of lawyers before i get to Ahmed, Ahmed was really different, knows what he is talking about. My case was really hard, and every lawyer i consulted advised me to drop my case and start over. But all i know is Ahmed know how to fight and when he brought my case from being denied, to be aporoved, and get my citizenship.

If i have to do it again i would hire Ahmed again and again.

I also learn no matter how the situation is, always hire alawyer with you. Because what ever you say to immigration officer will be used and interpreted against you, specially if your language is little weak. Remember its your furure and your family future that you gambling with by putting in any joe shmo lawyer. I did my home work and i looked and experienced Ahmed very well.

He is the best lawyer I would recommend to family and friends.

Aug 14, 2017

★★★★★ Posted in Google by Mar Ra
Excellent Service, Attorney Yazen and Attorney Shahzad helped my family with very complex immigration case with very aggressive deadline. They successfully address our case in timely manner.They were easily accessible and addressed all our concerns. I highly recommend NeJameLaw.

Aug 14, 2017

★★★★★ Posted in Google by Gordon Kolasingh
I cannot begin to describe the sense of gratitude I have towards both attorneys Ahmed and Melia at NeJame. Their professionalism, knowledge and support instill an ineffable level of confidence and realistic optimism. I had both the privilege and the great fortune to experience this firsthand and would emphatically recommend them and the entire team at NeJame Law for any and all legal matters. Consider this my personal and public thank you to them for their kindness and dedication through everything.

Aug 8, 2017

★★★★★ Posted in Googleand AVVO by Ronja Åkergren
I had a great experience with Nejame Law firm! I had questions regarding my J-1 visa and immigrant visa. Attorneys Shahzad, Yazen and Rosa are very experienced and knowledgeable in Immigration matters and we're very helpful. I highly recommend this firm.

August 7, 2018

Excellent experience - GREEN CARD APPROVED

★★★★★ Posted in AVVO by Marcos
I'm originally from Brazil and would like to share my experience with Mr. Shahzad. He was great handling a very complicated case (I-140 NOIR, visa renewal and green card), His assistant speaks Portuguese. Long story short..... green card approved !!! I highly recommend Mr. Shahzad to my fellow Brazilians..

June 21, 2017

★★★★★ Posted in Yelp and Google by Steven L.
I had the pleasure of working with Yazen Abdin and Shazad Ahmed regarding my Canadian wife's permanent residence application...Though we have not received a final decision yet (waiting on USCIS).... up to this point has been fantastic, and I could not recommend them more. Both of them are very kind, knowledgable individuals who are sensitive to the fact that this is not an easy process. Their expertise in the profession, and excellent people skills set them apart from many others in this business, and I have nothing but positive things to say about them both. Highly recommend!

April 3, 2017

★★★★★ Posted in Google by Gabriela T
Sometimes a simple paragraph is not enough to express certain emotions. How can we make gratitude a feeling able to trespass the computer screen directly to the souls of the ones we feel thankful for? Well, this is my case... I found this practice by chance while looking up from my car, while driving around Lake Eola. I was not from the area at the time, but needed a lawyer for my immigration needs and decided to make the call. An appointment was made with Dr. Ahmed in no time. No hassle, really quick and courteous service. Meeting went incredibly wee. You know when you meet someone and get that feeling of trust? That was such a relief! My case was not very difficult but i have heard "horror stories" about lawyers and whatnot...and even more of successful firms...."just rich people that don't care about you...just your money" let me tell you..Not this firm. I am the happiest to report that for 6 years, Dr. Ahmed was not only my lawyer but someone that look forward to meet. Hi gentle way of being put u at ease when you sometimes don't know what to feel. He was always ready to provide and explain -easily, every solution available in the book. He and his assistance kept constant communication, cared for every detail and continuously helped by giving me a sense of trust and understanding. I was aware at all times of the procedures being done and i felt secure. All my needs were handled. Today I'm happy to inform that I'm back for the third and last time to finish my immigration process...How could I not seek their expertise? Times seem to be against the current these days, and these are the moments we need the most genuine support, and Nejame Law has provided that for me. My case this time is very simple. Dr. Ahmed itself recommended me one of his partners at the firm and after meeting her I agreed 100%. Everyone at Nejame Law is top notch! I was assigned to Dr. Rosa Melia Acevedo, which seemed knowledgeable and pleasant, genuine and professional. I'm looking forward to continue the rest of the last steps of my journey with her guidance. Thank you Nejame law, Dr. Melia and the whole team that conforms the firm... ...And last, but not least, infinite thanks to someone I will forever be grateful, Dr. Shahzad Ahmed. God Bless you!

May 9, 2016

★★★★★ Posted in Google by Nelines Montero
Excellent team of immigration attorneys. Attorneys Ahmed, Symphorien and Mubarak are very knowledgeable in this field. Attorney Ahmed and Attorney Symphorien are Board Certified making them extremely valuable to the firm success.

October 15, 2015

★★★★★ Posted in Google by J Botero
I will recommend Shahzad Ahmed in a heart bit as an immigration attorney. He was very knowledgeable, and gave me a lot of confidence during my immigration process. If you have a difficult case like mine was. I would hire Shahzad Ahmed for his experience, responsiveness, and honesty. Thank you Shahzad and God bless you and your family.

September 26, 2015

★★★★★ Posted in Google by Ahmed Saadi
Mr.Shahzad professionally handled our complecated immigration case, I would highly recommend him to anybody with immigration issues.

September 5, 2014

Immigration Naturalization Marriage Petition Attorney in Orlando FL USCIS E-2 Business Investory Visa Experienced BEST out there

★★★★★ Posted in AVVO by Anonymous
Attorney Shahzad Ahmed represented our family for immigration. He has done an outstanding job and is well-versed and respected in his field. He's also a national known speaker but so modest you might never know it. Mr. Ahmed has done an exceptional job

July 24, 2014

If you or someone you care about has an important immigration case or problem I absolutely suggest contacting Shahzad Ahmed, Esq

★★★★★ Posted in AVVO by Dina
After a nightmarish experience with one Immigration Law firms in Charlotte North Carolina between 2011 and 2013, I decided to hire another attorney when I found Mr. Shahzad Ahmed on the internet, even though I live in New Jersey and his office is located in Orlando Florida while I could have found a local immigration attorney. I knew Mr. Shahzad Ahmed is the right one.

Mr. Shahzad Ahmed provided us straight forward, honest answers to our concerns, his assistance was also helpful with our needs. He is the best, greatest immigration lawyer ever. I highly encourage other immigration clients around the country to use his services, even if you do not reside in Orlando Florida. He is the best in his field!

June 10, 2014

★★★★★ Posted in Yelp by Steve N.
Forever thankful to Dr. Shazad Ahmed for his amazing services. Few words but an immense gratitude towards you and your services.

April 22, 2014

Super Star Immigration Lawyer

★★★★★ Posted in AVVO by Anonymous
I am so glad I was referred to Mr. Shahzad Ahmed by one of his peer for my complex immigration case. Shahzad is an excellent choice for any client who needs expert assistance in immigration law related matters. His knowledge about different cultures,ethnic backgrounds, International law and politics is simply amazing. I really appreciate all the work and timely responses via email, phone and mail. He kept me informed every single time either it be progress or feedback in my case without any delay. Either in Understanding all the details of the case or highlighting the crucial points of the case in a presentable manner, the services provided were beyond excellence. I could not have asked for any better service from any law firm compared to the services provided by Shahzad in Nejame Law.

Shahzad Ahmed and his assistant Lisa are one good team that any client want to work with.

November 5, 2013

Thank You

★★★★★ Posted in AVVO by Anonymous
Attorney Ahmed I want to say thank you for fighting and winning my case after been denied twice. Sir my daughter and I want to take this time out to say thank you and show our appreciation . May Almighty God gives to. You the added strength to continue to fight for the helpless like myself. Sir I presented a case to you that was denied twice and you've won it for me. Thank you Lesa for fighting with Attorney Ahmed on my case. Thank you Lesa for always promptly responding to my emails and answering my calls. The best immigration Attorney in Orlando Florida. May God richly bless you.

September 23, 2013

The best Lawyer from the best Law Firm :D

★★★★★ Posted in AVVO by Roberta & Family
Therefore, it is important to seek competent legal advices before you sign anything and make any commitments when you need most. “I have found the greatest of this industry.” I have to thank to Mr. Shahzad Ahmed again for all his support and help you have given to me over the past six years; your hard work, knowledge, time, that you have provided me! I am truly appreciated what you have done. I think you are the best expert! I couldn’t have found anyone better.”

September 21, 2013

Best Lawyer

★★★★★ Posted in AVVO by Anonymous
Shahzad Ahmed is one of the best people to work with. He helped me to get result in my husband's immigration case which was stuck for almost three years. He is very knowledgeable and knows how to handle tough immigration cases. I would recommend him to anyone looking for fast and reliable answers.

July 15, 2013

Truly outstanding!

★★★★★ Posted in AVVO by Anonymous
Attorney Ahmeds knowledge and experience truly made all the difference. One of the most important things to me was that if I ever needed anything or just had a question, Mr. Ahmed or his assistant Lisa always got back to me immediately. In a case like mine (immigration) hiring someone to handle the potential deportation of your wife and best friend is not an easy decision. It truly feels like you are putting your life and future in their hands; because you are. At the time I choose to hire Shahzad Ahmed I was just finishing firefighter academy. I was not in the best financial situation and considered handling the paperwork my self because it is a very expensive process. After a lot of research and consideration my wife and I knew that the only choice for us was to hire an attorney. Attorney Ahmed was recommended to me by a good friend. When I first contacted Mr. Ahmed I was in a extremely time sensitive situation with only days to file for an extension for my wife. I had not even met him in person yet and what I was asking him to do at the last minute was something you usually ask of a good friend. With no hesitations he immediately said don't worry about it I will take care of everything. He did exactly what he said he would do, kept me updated and resolved the issue. I knew after this that my wife and I had definitely made the right choice hiring him as our attorney. Attorney Ahmed took the time to explain every detail and covered every aspect of the case. He made sure that I knew what to expect every step of the way and the costs that would come with all the paperwork. In an immigration case there are usually multiple phases to the process and being informed on what to expect is important. I could have chose someone different to handle each part but after working with attorney Ahmed I would never consider it! With out going into too much detail there was another crucial time in our case (the interview portion with the immigration officer) where having Mr. Ahmed by our side absolutely made the difference between our success or failure. I cannot express how imperative it is to have an experienced attorney walking you through the immigration process step by step. I know on that day had we not had Mr. Ahmed with us it would have been the end of the road. If there is anyone out there that is looking for a immigration attorney to help their family, in my opinion Mr. Ahmed is absolutely the best. These type of situations are not something to take lightly and when everything matters and every move counts, make sure you have the best attorney you can. I hope this review is helpful to others, I know my wife and I will always be grateful and owe all our success to Mr. Ahmed. We just received her green card and couldn't be happier. We look forward to working with Mr. Ahmed and Lisa in the future.

July 13, 2013

Simply the best immigration lawyer

★★★★★ Posted in AVVO by Nader Negm
I first met Mr. Shahzad Ahmed in 2010 as I was given only 2 months to stay in the States while my wife was pregnant and due to give birth in 3 months, at that time I went to many immigration lawyers in Orlando and all of them advised me to leave the USA on time regardless of my wife birth due date, only when I met Mr. Shahzad he explained to me that he will help me in requesting an extension to my current visa due to my wife health situation, Thanks God I found this man who guided me till we got our visa extension in just 30 days. 6 Months later we decided to move our business from my country to The States, he worked with me step by step to complete the needed papers and we presented my petition, during this procedures Mr. Shahzad was very supportive, helpful, honest, caring and straightforward, in just three months I got my L1 Status. In my experience with Mr. Shahzad I found him good listener, supportive,understanding, Honest and straightforward, I know how expensive are lawyers in USA but honestly I never experience that with Mr. Shahzad his fee was very reasonable and never changed or charge more then what he quoted me at the start. I will recommend Mr. Shahzad Ahmed to all my friends and family and to any one looking for a good lawyer.

May 22, 2013

Excellent and reliable attorney

★★★★★ Posted in AVVO by Lubna
Shahzad Ahmed represented me so well. He handled each step carefully and thoroughly. The best attorney I know in town.

May 21, 2013

Only Looking Up

★★★★★ Posted in AVVO by Stitous
My husband and myself hired Mr. Ahmed to handle my husband's immigration case after another attorney from an independent firm was handling our case. Big mistake. This man took our money and ran. Desperate we found Nejame Law and Mr. Shahzad Ahmed. From our fist consult with him we knew we were in good hands and in the right place with the right lawyer to handle our case. Our case was not an easy one take. My husband had many factors working against him. Our case was delayed by immigration, but Mr. Ahmed kept moving forward and pushing our case to be completed. Finally we can look up and onward and move on with our lifes. We are very thankful for having him on our case. He is higly recommended, very polite, positive. His staff works hard for you. His assistant Lisa was most helpful. When ever we had a question our a concern on our case she was very prompt to return emails or phone calls. I can only look back on our experience with Mr. Ahmed as a positive great client attorney relationship and look forward to working with him again when my husband will be able to apply for citizenship. Only wish we would have been with him from the start of our case but so pleased we finished with him.

May 18, 2013

Gjoka Family Review of Shahzad Ahmed

★★★★★ Posted in AVVO by Ded Gjoka
Mr. Ahmed is a very trustworthy lawyer who takes his profession very seriously and always shows respect towards his clients. He is always prepared to answer any questions that one might have for him, and on top of that he is extremely patient when conversing with you. In my case I had a deportation, and I needed to find a serious lawyer that would handle my case properly and with professionalism. Out of all of the lawyers that I had spoken with before discovering Mr. Ahmed none of them wanted to take on my deportation case - Mr. Ahmed, however, when I met him was very calm and polite and was not intimidated by my case and therefore he decided to take it into his own hands and he did an amazing job for not only me but also my family since he removed my deportation and I have received my permanent resident card. I recommend Mr. Ahmed for any immigration case that you might have, he is truly an amazing person, and I can't thank him enough.

May 13, 2013

Highly Recommended

★★★★★ Posted in AVVO by Marc
I had been to two lawyers previously for the same case, and both times had resulted in a denial from Immigration. Mr. Ahmed was my last attempt at appealing my case. He was very honest and direct in what needed to be done and the correct way to present my information to immigration. He was very clear and knowledgable about what I had to do and, thanks to him, I finally received an approval notice for my case!!! His team was also great and reguarly communicated with me to keep me up to date about the progress and if I needed to do anything at anytime. They all definitely made the whole experience very painless and seemingly easy (even though I know it was anything but) compared to the previous law firms I had used, and I would definitely recommend him, especially for those people who think they have no chances left!

May 12, 2013

Great Attorney, Compassionate, Efficient

★★★★★ Posted in AVVO by Fawad
Routinely refer to Mr. Ahmed for immigration and contract law cases. Handled my relatives immigration with ease. Difficulties arose but he managed to guide us through all. Handles all my referred friends with skill and competence.

May 10, 2013

Very infomative

★★★★★ Posted in AVVO by Ali
Attorney Shahzad Ahmed was very knowledgeable about his field...and the info..that he gave was informable, and will help me if god forbids i ever get caught up in a situation like that..thank you again mr. ahmed ....

May 9, 2013

Best immigration lawyer ever!

★★★★★ Posted in AVVO by Nida Khan
After trying for two years to get my husband here and never knowing any answers Shahzad Was able to inform us of information we never knew. Within sixty days all of his efforts paid off and I am proud to say by God's grace my husband is now here with me. Having him represent us was and still is the biggest blessing. Because of his dedication and handwork I am now happily married and my husband already received his social security card. All it took was one meeting and the rest he took care of. Please when it comes to any immigration issues and need an attorney go with Shahzad Ahmed he will take care of everything. Not pickin him as your immigration attorney would be foolish. Five stars for everything!

May 5, 2013


★★★★★ Posted in AVVO by Tanya
The best immigration attorney in Orlando I have work with Mr Ahmed on my immigration case for more than two years. I was in deportation status when I hired Mr Ahmed and my family and I gave up and didn't know what to do . I hired Mr Ahmed and my I must say I am happy I did my life changed because of him. I though I was going to be deported with all the hard work from Mr Ahmed I proud to say that he won all my cases appeals and I am now a U.S. Citizen. Thank you very much for all you have done for me and my family .

May 2, 2013

I can go on with my life

★★★★★ Posted in AVVO by Anonymous
All I can say that it took Shahzad less than one year to fix the damage my former lawyers caused me for 12 years. I never thought my case would come to closure, but it did. Shahzad was there from day one and did not waiver until we won. I did not feel it was a lawyer/client relationship. He sympathized and treated me as a human not just a client. A good lawyer makes all the difference. He has my full recommendation.

April 30, 2013

A lawyer you can really trust

★★★★★ Posted in AVVO by Khaled
Well, it start when I had a problem with the immigration and had a case of deportation , I was desperate ,lost and my hope of being in the sates was fading. Then a friend of mine recommended me Mr. Shahzad, the first time I met him ,he passed the confident in me and gave me a clear and detailed steps about what’s coming up, He was so confident and through his professionally performance during the court procedures made me feel that I’m save. Now, My wife petition was approved, the court case was dismissed and I’m waiting for the green card to be approved. Through the way, he was always supportive, communicating always on time … I will recommend him for anyone of need any legal advice Mr. Shahzad …my best lawyer

April 29, 2013

Immensely knowlegeable and personable lawyer

★★★★★ Posted in AVVO by Z. Mohamed
Shahzad Ahmed is an intelligent, friendly and very efficient lawyer. I met Shehzad for the first time last year and since then he has worked on various cases for my entire family. Each time I meet him, he exudes confidence in all of our matters, including the complicated ones, and beautifully handles any hurdles that may come our way. Shehzad was also present and provided great support during our naturalization interview making the whole process very simple and comfortable. His experience, friendly personality, and determination allows him to excel in his field and continue to reach great heights. It is without any hesitation that I highly recommend Shehzad Ahmed for any of your immigration needs.

March 24, 2013


★★★★★ Posted in AVVO by Anonymous
Attorney Shahzad Ahmed is extremely professional, friendly, and personable. He provides simple solutions to complex issues regarding the case at hand. His extensive knowledge and expertise are apparent in the way he tactfully tackled every problem regarding my case, as well as answered a plethora of questions from my end. I would definitely recommend Mr. Ahmed without any hesitation.

March 19, 2013

Excellent Work

★★★★★ Posted in AVVO by Khan
Shahzad Ahmed is very good and trustworthy lawyer. He represented my wife and I in some immigration work. The matter was settled successfully. He has surely lived up to the Nejame Law Firm reputation.

March 19, 2013

Highly professional and knowledgeable immigration lawyer

★★★★★ Posted in AVVO by Anonymous
I was referred to Mr. Ahmed through a non profit organization in Orlando, regarding immigration issues. During my interaction with him, Mr Shahzad Ahmed displayed high level of integrity and professionalism at all times. He provided me with expert advice and options that were best suited for my circumstances, which leads me to believe that his ultimate goal is to do what is best for his client. His demeanor was always calm and respectful, highly responsive and proactive. I would highly recommend him to others.

March 19, 2013

A superb attorney who I highly recommend to handle your immigration case

★★★★★ Posted in AVVO by Michael
I used Shahzad as my attorney of record for both my residence card and for my citizenship. I have a particularly difficult case involving attorneys in my country of birth. Shahzad worked superbly with me and my wife to resolve the intricacies of my case.

Shahzad is quietly efficient, with a mind like a steel trap, always ready with a solution to problems and steadfastly insistent on the legal requirements of our case. He works well with the immigration authorities, with whom he has a personal working relationship.

During my interview with immigration, Shahzad was there to explain my case to the officer, and pressed his understanding of the law quietly, insistently, defending my case. I can just imagine him in court, definitely someone to have on your side.

Where required, his legal research was thorough and complete, with no room for error. I believe that had it not been for his work on my case, I would not have residence , never mind citizenship.

Shahzad is personable, friendly and works hard for his clients.

I cannot recommend anyone more highly, or want anyone else working on my case.

March 19, 2013

Excellent attorney, very knowledgeable who works hard for his clients

★★★★★ Posted in AVVO by Emilia
My husband and I hired Mr Ahmed to handle both his Permanent resident application and subsequently his Citizenship application. I found him to be very knowledgeable regarding the law, professional and courteous at all times even when I continuously bombarded him with questions. He always listened to our concerns and questions and never left any unanswered, always coming up with great solutions, he is a very quick thinker, something invaluable in an attorney. My husband had a particularly difficult case Mr Ahmed handled it like a true professional, he gives his clients everything. I truly believe that were it not for him my husband would not have his citizenship today. I have no hesitation in recommending Mr Ahmed, he works hard for his clients and is very efficient..

February 24, 2011

★★★★★ Posted in Google by Yesenia De La Rosa
Excellent Lawyers. Shahzad Ahmed, handle an immigration consultation over the phone and he was extremely helpful and very professional. I would recommend this firm to everyone who has an immigration issue.