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Large transactions usually require the services of an Escrow Agent. At NeJame Law, we provide escrow services for your real estate transaction. We can help draft your escrow agreement and can also hold property in trust. We can hold earnest money deposits in trust and can disburse closing funds.

If you are wondering what an escrow is, it is an agreement or a system of transfer in which property is delivered to a third party to hold until the performance of a condition or the happening of an event occurs. The property is then delivered by the third party escrow agent over to the grantee.

An escrow is a convenient and customary method used to make sure the terms or conditions of an agreement are carried out. Most real estate contracts have a clause for an escrow deposit and escrow closing. The standard agreements protect the interests of the buyer, seller and escrow agent, but it is important to have an attorney review your contract to make sure your interests are adequately protected.

Basic elements of an escrow agreement include:

  • Items to be held in escrow
  • Deposit of the funds or instrument into the escrow
  • An escrow agent (this is a third party that is a stranger to the transaction)
  • An agreed upon condition or contingency

An instrument that is held in escrow must be complete with signature, notary and any other requirements to make it valid. This is because the instrument will take effect immediately upon the happening of the escrow condition.

Disputes may arise regarding who is entitled to real property held in escrow. Such disputes are handled by the Florida Real Estate Commission, arbitration, mediation or in a court of law.

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