Food Poisoning

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Every year, thousands of people in the United States contract food poisoning. Most people recover relatively quickly and easily but in some cases serious long term medical problems, significant lost time from work, and even fatalities occur. A food poisoning lawsuit may be appropriate in such situations, as a way to obtain compensation. When you have a food poisoning lawsuit, it may be necessary to have the illness confirmed as food poisoning by a health authority, such as a hospital or public health clinic. There are laboratory markers for many types of food poisoning, and it is helpful if such a marker has confirmed the type of bacteria or pathogen of your specific cause of food poisoning. Other times, simple documentation of the symptoms of food poisoning by a physician may be enough. Regardless, the source itself must be identified.

The Food Poisoning Source Must Be Identified

To pursue a food poisoning lawsuit, it is necessary to be able to identify the source of the food poisoning, especially when an individual becomes seriously ill or dies from a confirmed case of food poisoning. It is important to act quickly and demand that the provider of the food maintain samples and preserves evidence; otherwise, the defendant who could be held liable for the damages could escape liability. Therefore, if you suspect food poisoning you must contact NeJame Law and one of our lawyers who are experienced in Florida Food Poisoning cases immediately.

Once we have identified the source of the food poisoning (the restaurant, the store, the food vender), then we will work hard to identify the specific product. The food product or other source of the food poisoning is considered a "smoking gun," when the specific pathogen can be shown to be the source of the foodborne illness, whether the food poisoning is due to Salmonella, Listeria, botulism, E. coli, or other bacteria or virus.

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