Foreclosure: Losing Your Love Nest?
It’s no secret Florida has the largest inventory of backlogged foreclosures in the country. Although the market has improved somewhat, 2014 is going to be another record year for residential foreclosures in the Sunshine State. The process takes on average an excruciating 900 days to complete. In an effort to clean up, expedite and streamline the foreclosure process, the Florida Fair Foreclosure Act was signed by Governor Rick Scott in July of 2013.

The Truth Behind Credit Card Harassment & Debt Negotiation
From Birkin bags to Bikram classes to Blueprint cleanses, there’s always a reason to spend more than you have. And with all the reward and travel bonus plans available, credit cards are looking better than ever. We are a society of instant gratification – we want it all and we want it now. But for this, we pay a price…about 11-23% interest on purchases, to be exact. But wait before you swipe...

The Early Stages of Foreclosure
A mortgage is a loan secured by property. The mortgagee (you, in this case) agrees to pay the mortgagor (a lender) a set amount in payments over a period of time. The mortgagee has to meet the entire mortgage obligation to gain clear title to the property. Failure to meet any of the loan obligations could be considered “default” by the lender. Default is what triggers the lender to begin an action to repossess the property—foreclosure. The beginning stage of foreclosure is often the best time to act to try to keep from losing your home. However even if your foreclosure is rather advanced, there still may be hope for saving your home.

Foreclosure Solutions (Video)
Worried your home could be headed toward foreclosure? Don't let the fear of losing your home paralyze you. Watch this short informative video to see how the real estate attorneys at NeJame Law can help you obtain the best outcome for your situation.

New Foreclosure Rules Change Landscape In Florida
Last year's passage of changes to the state's foreclosure rules are changing the landscape for both homeowners and lenders. The new rules go into full effect in July, 2014. One major change shortened the time lenders have to file a deficiency suit against homeowners they've foreclosed from 5 years to just one year, and some observers expect a spike in deficiency suits this year as the new rules go into effect. However, the new law also makes foreclosure judgements very difficult to overturn.

In Fear of Foreclosure?
By now, most homeowners facing foreclosure are aware of the federal government's Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) which offers a way to avoid foreclosure for those who wish to keep their homes and meet certain eligibility guidelines. HAMP has come under public scrutiny for disappointing results in terms of homeowners who have obtained successful modifications and the numerous complaints that Lenders are inconsistent in their treatment of applicants."

Do I Qualify For A Loan Modification?
Under Obama's Making Home Affordable (MHA) Plan, every Homeowner who is struggling to make mortgage payments and is in financial distress is entitled to apply for a loan modification. The latest MHA data reveals that Homeowners in permanent loan modifications have seen their monthly payments cut by a median of 40%. That is over $4.5 billion in reduced mortgage obligations in the last year. It's no wonder more and more Homeowners are asking "Do I qualify for a loan modification?"

Foreclosures in Florida
It's not difficult, these days, to see the economy effecting residents and businesses around Orlando. When will the economy start to recover? No one really knows. However, one can look to the number of new foreclosure filings as an indicator for whether or not the local economy is recovering. A positive indicator would be if the number of new foreclosure filings starts to decline.