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 Why Establish a Guardianship?

What is a Guardian?

How is a Person Determined to be Incapacitated?

Who May Serve as Guardian?

How Long does the Process Take?

What does a Guardian do?

Is a Guardian Accountable?

Will the Court Paperwork be in the Same City all the Time?

Is the Guardian Liable for the Wards Debts?

Is Guardianship Permanent?

We handle a variety
of cases involving:

  • Child Support

    If you have children, making sure your family will be taken care of is one of your primary concerns. There are state guidelines that consider both parents’ financial situations and the needs of the children but finding an effective and equitable solution to the issues of child support takes patience and knowledge of the law.  MORE

  • Child Custody

    Everyone wants what’s best for your children, but it may be difficult for you and your spouse to agree on what’s best. There is no longer an automatic assumption in the law that children will live with their mother; both parents have equal right to physical custody. Whether that custody is joint, or one spouse has exclusive custody with defined visitation by the other, the experience of the NeJame Law family attorneys can help you reach an agreement that works for the whole family.  MORE

  • Spousal Support

    Better known as alimony, spousal support is one way the family law system recognizes the contributions each partner has made to a marriage and fairly distributes the family’s financial assets. This is often one of the most bitterly contested issues in a divorce and it’s one of the most important. The financial experience of our family law attorneys gives them the knowledge to craft effective settlements to support your continued well-being. MORE

  • Contempt, Non-Payment of Child Support and Enforcement

    If you’re subject to a family law decree that’s been approved by the court, not carrying out its terms can put you in contempt of court. To make sure both parties in a divorce live up to their agreements, a spouse who feels the other is not complying can ask for a court hearing to determine whether the other spouse is in contempt. Matters of custody, payment of spousal support and child support and division of assets are all frequent issues raised in contempt hearings. If you’ve been accused of being in contempt or you feel your ex-spouse is not complying with the court’s orders, we can help you.  MORE

  • Financial Planning

    The family law attorneys at NeJame Law have extensive professional experience in financial matters. We can help you create a plan to protect you and your family through wills or trusts. If you find yourself involved in a probate proceeding, our experience can help guide you through it.

  • Divorce

    Marriages sometimes end for many reasons. We understand that divorce, or Dissolution of Marriage, is not an easy process to undertake.   MORE

  • Guardianship

    A guardianship is a legal proceeding in which a guardian exercises the legal rights of a ward. It is started by filing a document asking the Judge to appoint someone to look out for the welfare of a ward (someone who can’t take care of themselves). MORE


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