US. Immigration Attorneys in Orlando

The Immigration Division of NeJame Law is based in Orlando, Florida, and is located in proximity with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) office and the Immigration Court. Our US Immigration Attorneys are well known for effectively handling all type of immigration matters including:

  • deportation defense
  • adjustment of status representation
  • business visas
  • employment visas
  • citizenship
  • asylum
  • consular processing cases

As your U.S. immigration attorneys, we understand the importance of your need to unite with your family. We understand the value of you achieving the American Dream.

Accordingly, our immigration lawyers represent clients nationally and internationally. They appear at USCIS offices, not only in Orlando, Florida, but throughout the United States. These cases include marriage petitions and marriage interviews, naturalization interviews, and all types of green cards. We also prepare applications for immigrant visas and non-immigrant visas to be filed at the U.S. Embassy and U.S. Consulate.

In addition, our Orlando immigration attorneys offer representation in deportation defense and removal proceedings throughout Florida. We know that being ordered deported has dire consequences, not only for the person ordered deported, but also for his or her family. Whether the case involves someone who is detained or not, our lawyers represent their clients zealously to keep them from being deported. We have experience in handling hundreds of deportation cases. Our Central Florida Immigration Lawyers are well positioned to not only represent clients in deportation proceedings at the Orlando Immigration Court, but also at the Miami Immigration Court. Our clients are from throughout Florida, including Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, and Miami.

When handling your immigration case, we utilize not only our knowledge and experience, but also creativity and a fresh approach to solving your problems. The Orlando Immigration Attorneys at NeJame Law have the resources, experience and knowledge to provide our clients strong, effective and appropriately aggressive representation which provides for their best interest.

A Culturally Diverse Legal Team

Our Immigration team is highly diverse. Our attorneys and staff come from destinations near and far, with unique backgrounds and the ability to speak a variety of languages.Attorney Shahzad Ahmed originally from Pakistan speaks Urdu and Punjabi. Attorney Rosa Melia-Acevedo speaks Spanish. Attorney Yazen Abdin who is of Middle Eastern descent speaks Arabic. Yazen is a board member of the Muslim American Chamber of Commerce and volunteers with various Arab and Middle Eastern organizations. Caroline and Maria are fluent in Portuguese. Carlos and Neli are fluent in Spanish.

This wide array of diversity allows us to better understand and assist our clients. At NeJame Law, we speak your language.

Contact our Immigration Lawyers

Contact the Immigration Division of the AV rated firm NeJame Law at 407-500-0000 for all your immigration needs. An experienced Orlando immigration attorney from NeJame Law is available to assist you whether your needs are in Central Florida, the State of Florida or throughout the United States. You may also e-mail us or fill out the online form provided on this page. The US immigration lawyers at NeJame Law are very experienced and will be honored to assist you with all of your immigration needs.