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Landlord Law

Landlord and Eviction AttorneyLandlord and Tenant Eviction Attorney

The relationships between landlords and tenants of properties can involve complex issues. At NeJame Law, we are dedicated to representing landlords and tenants in landlord law, which can range from drafting and reviewing of contracts to filing or defending commercial evictions or disputes.

If you are a landlord dealing with tenants who are not paying their rent, you are in a difficult and stressful situation. Our firm can help you understand your legal rights and take proper steps to recover the money you are due. Often, if a business is going under, the rent is the first thing the tenant is unable to pay. Even though your tenant may be in an unfortunate situation, you are still entitled to the money that is contractually owed you.

To ensure that your rights are protected when you rent a property for commercial purposes, it is important to have a lease agreement that covers all potential circumstances. We have the knowledge and experience with Florida law to help you review a lease. If you are drafting, negotiating, or signing a lease, we can help you understand the obligations created by the document or include the necessary precautions before you are confronted by unexpected surprises.

The NeJame law firm can help you find efficient, cost-effective means of resolving, or simply understanding, your legal issues.


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  • Landlord Law

    The relationships between landlords and tenants of properties can involve complex issues. At NeJame Law, P.A., we are dedicated to representing landlords  in landlord/tenant law, which can range from drafting and reviewing of contracts to filing or defending commercial evictions or disputes. MORE

  • Real Estate Closing Services

    The purchase or sale of a home is often one of the largest transactions an individual and/or family will make in their lifetime. From contract to closing, there are numerous decisions to make. For example, a Seller is required to make certain Disclosures to the MORE

  • Real Property Law

    Property law is a vast field of law related to the buying, using and selling of real property. Much property law is related to assessing the rights between landlords and tenants, between owners and mortgage holders and between people and governments. MORE


•  Commercial Sales

•  Residential Sales

•  Escrow Services

•  Liens

•  Quit Title Actions

•  Mortgages

•  Promissory Notes

•  Loan Agreements

•  Assignments of Rents, Leases & Profits

•  Condominium Associations

•  1031 Exchanges


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