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Orlando Back, Neck and Spinal Cord Accident LawyerNeck and back injury cases are often difficult to litigate because certain neck and back injuries themselves can be complex with a broad spectrum of symptoms and disabilities.

Statistics show that neck and back injuries are the most common symptoms after any type of accident, whether it be an auto accident, slip and fall, or truck accident. However, Auto accidents account for the largest percentage of neck and spinal cord injuries.

Symptoms of these types of injuries might appear days after the injury and may include, depending on the severity of the injury, headaches, difficulty remembering, dizziness, or blurred vision.

It is essential that you hire a personal injury attorney who has the skills, the knowledge, and the experience in understanding the causes, symptoms, and effects of neck and back injuries. At NeJame Law we have the tools necessary to overcome any skepticism often raised by insurance companies in a case of a mild neck or back injury. When there has been an injury we are appropriately aggressive in making the wrongdoer compensate our client for medical expenses, supportive care concerns, and Pain and Suffering.

Slip and falls, motorcycle accidents and car accidents frequently cause neck and back injuries. Each Orlando neck and back injury lawyer from NeJame Law is dedicated to assisting anyone who has suffered an injury in Orlando or any other city in Central Florida. We stand by the side of survivors and caregivers of such injuries while they transition from shock and despair to coping and adapting. It is essential that the injured obtain excellent treatment for neck and back pain and highly experienced legal representation.

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