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The first type of 'check fraud', where there is no deliberate attempt to defraud the payee may only be a civil offense. This could be the result of a person not realizing that the account has insufficient funds; or upon being notified that the account has insufficient funds, the person is not able to cover the payment of the funds due to financial hardship such as loss of employment or late receipt of money promised or owed to them by a certain date. While on certain occasions, the person who unintentionally 'bounced' a check may be given the opportunity to pay the amount in full (including possible fines and court costs); this does not automatically mean that the State or payee will not seek criminal charges if the funds are not paid; or they is the believe that the 'bounced' check was intentional.

Generally, in order for someone to be criminally charged with check fraud, the State would have to believe that the 'bad check' was intentionally tendered to another person or business. The person tendering the check does not have to necessarily sign the check to be charged with a criminal offense. This can occur in the tendering of a personal check; or in the tendering of a business related check signed by another party such as a business owner or accountant; and the person charged may be a family member, an office manager, or an assistant.

Regardless of the accusations, it is important that you contact a Florida Criminal/Civil Defense Attorney with experience with 'check fraud' accusations.

Another scenario; which has been in the news lately involves a situation(s) where a person either did not know or should have known that the check he or she is tendering is fraudulent. For example, with new computer and printer technology; individuals are able to print fraudulent checks using the account information and/or routing number for another individual's or company's bank account. Usually, the person who created the fraudulent check may use it to pay workers 'under the table' or ask a person (usually down on their luck) with a Florida Identification Card to cash the check with the promise of a percentage of the cashed funds.

Be very weary of individuals promising you money for 'doing them a favor' and asking you to cash a check with the promise of money after the person unknowingly passes the fraudulent check. If the check is recognized as fraudulent; you will be the one standing there potentially facing police questioning and criminal charges. Again, keep in mind that you always have the right to remain silent.

A similar situation involves people are able to open checking accounts under the name of another individual, deposit a small sum of money; and then immediately pass a number of checks and then return to the bank and withdraw the original deposit before any of the checks have cleared. Again, it is important in this situation to protect your rights and immediately contact an experienced Criminal / Civil defense attorney, such as those at NeJame Law.


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If you find yourself the subject of an investigation or involved with the criminal justice system facing the allegation of 'check fraud' the attorneys of NeJame Law are here to help. The experienced litigators of NeJame Law are experienced in handling a wide spectrum of 'check fraud' cases and it is extremely important that you contact an experienced attorney immediately. We handle cases in Orlando and throughout Central Florida. An Orlando check fraud lawyer at NeJame Law can be reached 7 days a week at (407) 245-1232. You may also e-mail us at or fill out our online form and we will contact you back.

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