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Under Florida law, stalking is communicating or physically following someone for no legitimate reason, in a way that causes emotional distress. Stalking includes harassment in person, over the Internet, over the telephone or anywhere else where a person can be reached. In fact, cyberstalking is explicitly prohibited under Florida law. What formerly was considered by many to be merely bothersome, rude or a normal reaction to a relationship ending has become criminalized under Florida’s Stalking laws and can subject an individual to severe penalties.

Stalking laws can be vague about the difference between mere persistence and genuine harassment and stalking behavior; it may ultimately be up to the subjective judgment of law enforcement officers in deciding whether to make an arrest. NeJame Law can assist you by providing an Orlando stalking defense attorney from the Firm to represent you in working towards clearing up and challenging cases that may be simple misunderstandings, overheated temporary disputes that occurred in a relationship, an exaggerated complaint for behavior which is bothersome but not stalking, or a "he said, she said" situation where there is a clear dispute about the allegations made against our client. Often times one accused of stalking finds that they are charged with an offense or subject to a restraining order, even though the alleged victim initiated the initial contact or that the contact was initially viewed as mutually acceptable.

A conviction for stalking can carry punishments ranging from probation up to fifteen years in state prison, depending on the circumstances and the type of stalking charged. A defendant may be charged with aggravated stalking if he or she makes a credible threat of violence, violates a restraining order or other court order, repeats the offense or stalks a minor under 16. If you are accused of any type of stalking or harassment, you could face not only possible incarceration, but other sanctions as well. An Orlando criminal defense stalking lawyer from our Firm can represent you throughout all Central Florida counties and provide you the advice, counsel and help you need as you face these challenging charges.

Get more information on Florida Stalking Law and the various types of stalking that exist in Florida, as well as the various penalties.


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