School Bus Accidents

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An accident involving a child on a school bus can be one of the most devastating events for both the victim and the family. A number of different factors can contribute to a school bus accident.  A child may be injured while getting on or off the bus, drivers may ignore the bus’s stop sign or a bus driver may get into an accident on the highway causing the bus to veer off the main road. On top of all of this, the safety restraints that are available in other vehicles are generally not found in school buses. If you are faced with the unfortunate experience of having a child involved in a school bus accident, you will be asking many questions after the shock of the accident wears off.  Questions like: Who was at fault? Was there anything that could have been done to prevent the accident or injury? Will my child have lasting permanent injuries from the accident? Who will pay the cost of medical bills? Was the school bus driver adequately trained? Was the school bus properly maintained? How can I be sure that my child is appropriately compensated when so many other children were also injured?

Help is Here! The experienced Orlando school bus accident attorney from NeJame Law will answer all your questions and handle your claim from investigation, negotiation, settlement, and if necessary, jury trial. Our experienced, appropriately aggressive attorneys possess the skill, resources, and trial experience necessary to litigate against the powerful insurance companies, which insure and protect school buses and school districts. If the accident involves a multi-car collision, our appropriately aggressive litigators will ensure that all responsible parties are determined and prosecuted.

The issue of immunity may arise if you are pursuing a lawsuit against a school or school board for a bus accident. Immunity laws are liability shields and they protect persons from facing legal charges, even when they are at fault. If a bus accident involves a public school bus driver, the school board may try to claim government immunity to keep from facing the many law suits that parents would file against them. The attorneys at NeJame Law also understand the concept of government immunity and will do our best to help you understand it as well, if that is an issue in your case.

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