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Alternative Dispute Resolution

Orlando Mediation Lawyer - Alternative Dispute Resolution

Chess piecesMediation is another type of method of alternative dispute resolution available to parties. Mediation is a negotiation facilitated by a neutral third party. The third party is not involved in any decision-making, but rather is there to assist in reaching a settlement. Many parties prefer mediation because it is fast, avoids costly litigation, and avoids going to court. Many civil and family law issues can be highly emotional and therefore it can be beneficial to work out these issues together rather than with a judge.

Lawyers who practice in alternative dispute resolution (ADR) assist clients in resolving different types of legal disputes through out-of-court processes like arbitration and mediation. These methods can be effective in reducing the time, money and adversarial nature associated with traditional court-based proceedings.

The law firm of NeJame Law is committed to addressing business issues in a creative and efficient manner. The firm is focused on solutions and the best results for our clients. We recognize the potential importance of mediation and arbitration in resolving disputes between parties. It serves as a vital component of our litigation practice.

A certified mediator is certified by the statewide mediation program for Civil, General Equity and family law matters under standards established by the Florida Supreme Court. The NeJame law firm recognizes and appreciates the practical realities of mediation and the enormous potential to fashion creative mediated solutions.

The Mediation Process

The mediation process starts with the parties meeting with the mediator, with or without attorneys. The mediator is a disinterested and unbiased third party and is there to help facilitate the negotiations and create a respectful atmosphere to allow the parties to reach the best possible outcome. The mediator may speak to the parties separately, called a caucus, so they may address some of their concerns more comfortably. The mediator cannot give any legal advice and therefore it may be important to hire an attorney before attending mediation.

Our civil lawyers and family law attorneys have served as counsel in mediated settlements totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars. Our business-focused culture allows us to bring the skills needed to effectively manage Alternative Dispute Resolution across a wide variety of industries, and vertically through our other practice areas. Our ADR lawyers have participated in mediation involving construction litigation, environmental, real estate, defamation, condominium transition, insurance coverage and a wide range of general commercial matters.

Our clients benefit tremendously from our ability to identify and resolve those disputes which are best concluded outside the courtroom. Let us assist you personally with your disputes. We offer our clients attention, compassion and believe in serving as strong advocates. We value your privacy and will keep any information strictly confidential.

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