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Orlando Internet Libel AttorneyThanks to the widespread use of social media and the internet in our country, more and more defamation cases are specifically internet defamation cases. Internet defamation involves any false statement that harms your reputation when posted on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, in a review, comment, or on any other website.

You may have a defamation case if someone went online and suggested you or your business is unfit, accused you of a crime, alleged you have a disease, or suggested you’re guilty of sexual misconduct. Internet defamation cases are taken seriously because anyone around the world can potentially access posts and see what has been written about you online. NeJame Law has handled countless claims for clients throughout Florida and can protect your reputation—call our Orlando internet defamation and libel lawyers today if you need help.

What is Considered Internet Defamation?

Though there are many benefits of being online, it’s now easier than ever to be the target of harassment and defamatory content. People can easily post negative things about individuals, businesses, and other professionals while hiding behind an avatar or fake name.

Internet Defamation is a review, post, comment, web site, Facebook post or comment, Twitter tweet or other on-line false statement of fact and that reflects negatively on your reputation. Because internet defamation is by definition written rather than oral, it is technically internet libel. Slander involves oral false statements of fact.

Defamation per se involves false statements of fact which presumes damages. That is, no damages must be proven as an element of the defamation, libel or slander claim.

Defamation per se occurs in most states when the false internet post, tweet, review or comment:

  • Accuses someone of a crime
  • Alleges that someone has a disease
  • Suggests that a person or business is unfit to conduct their business or trade
  • Imputes sexual misconduct

Defamatory remarks can be found everywhere, including on:

  • Social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Rating websites
  • Message boards

Internet defamation can include a wide variety of posts and comments. It can look like false comments made about a business on a website like Yelp or Glassdoor that can seriously impact your business. It can also look like someone posting slanderous content on social networking sites that can ruin your professional reputation or career.

Internet libel / defamation can negatively affect you on a grand scale. Before the Internet, very few people had a global audience. Now, a simple tweet or blog post has the potential audience of millions across the globe.

An attorney handling an internet defamation case has much bigger challenges than when defamation occurs off-line. Identifying web-site owners can present a challenge. Further, identifying the individual that authored the post can be even more difficult. Identifying the poster is important as the Communications Decency Act may provide protection against laws suits to the owner of the web-site. There are many specific strategies and procedures for dealing with defamatory statements on the internet. Many strategies require expertise in back-end DNS, domain registrars, domain registrant search, proxy services, Section 230 Immunity under the Communications Decency Act, User Generated Content, IP tracking, ISP subpoenas and related issues under the Electronic Communications Privacy Act.

What Is Revenge Porn?

One specific type of internet defamation-related case our lawyers handle is revenge porn. Revenge porn refers to situations where people post lewd, nude, or compromising photos of others on websites or through social media as a form of retaliation. This is more common among people who have recently broken up or gotten a divorce.

Why Do I Need a Lawyer?

If you’d like to file a defamation lawsuit over something said about you online, you need to be represented by a team of lawyers who are experienced in handling internet law cases, as it can be challenging to fight defamation cases posted by people with screen names or anonymous email addresses. Additionally, to have a valid claim you must be able to prove certain elements, as people are generally free to express their own opinions and thoughts online.

Proving Online Defamation

To prove online defamation, the statement in question must:

  • Be false
  • Be about you, the plaintiff (whether an individual or business)
  • Be published online, or spoken to a third party
  • Result in damages to the plaintiff

What makes a lawsuit successful is showing that some kind of damage or character assassination occurred because of the content in question, such as lost business or lost job opportunity. Our team is comprised of experienced litigators who can put in the work to hold perpetrators liable for their actions and put an end to online attacks and abuse.

Handling internet defamation on your own can be difficult and likely won’t end well for you, especially because navigating the legal system is complex on its own. We know how stressful this time may be and can handle the details of your claim so you don’t suffer any more ruined professional opportunities or financial damage as a result of the defamation. We’re here to tell you that there is something that can be done when you’ve been victimized online—leave it all to us.

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If you find yourself involved on a defamation case on the Internet, contact our technology law attorneys at NeJame Law today. Our Internet defamation lawyers can help you learn more about your options. Our offices are located in Orlando, Central Florida, and we handle cases nationwide. We value your privacy and will keep any information strictly confidential.

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