Computer and Internet Sex Crimes

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Florida Internet Sex Crime Defense AttorneyIn recent years, law enforcement agencies, the State Attorney's across the State of Florida, the Statewide Prosecutor's Office and the Office of the United States Attorney, have become increasingly aggressive in investigating, pursuing and prosecuting computer related sex crimes.



These offenses most often include:

  • Soliciting a Minor to Commit a Sexual Act
  • Possession/Distribution of Child Pornography through the use of the internet or the use of a computer.

These cases can be prosecuted by either the United States of America in Federal Court or by the State of Florida in State Court. Regardless of which office decides to prosecute, there has been a focus on prosecution for these types of offenses and the penalties can be extremely severe.

Computer and Internet Sex Crimes - Defense

Defending computer and internet related underage, sex and pornography crimes typically requires actively investigating the methods and practices used by the law enforcement in their investigation.

This is done in order to evaluate a variety of matters and possible defenses, such as:

  • If there was an illegal search and/or seizure
  • Whether law enforcement used outrageous conduct in violation of the Due Process rights of our client
  • Whether the client was entrapped by law enforcement members or their agents who actually created the "crime"
  • Whether there was an actual attempt or intent to carry out the act

In addition, the State would have the burden of proving the person accused was the actual person who was using the computer to commit the offense or whether others had access to the computer.

Computer related sex crimes cases can become extremely complicated and forensic computer experts may need to be considered to determine exactly how and when images were placed on the computer and whether such images had been placed on the computer by another. Other significant considerations need to occur as well, such as whether there is a pornography addiction or whether the client had the actual intent to follow through with the illegal conduct for which he is accused.

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