Contempt, Non-payment of Child Support and Enforcement

Contempt of Court Orders and Enforcement

Orlando Family Law Attorney Helps Clients Filling a Contempt to Enforce a Final Court OrderAfter a dissolution or custody challenge the Judge enters a final order. That final order will state what the rules are and who needs to follow them. When one of the parents or former spouses does not follow the rules, it may require the non offender to enforce the final order entered by the Judge. The Judge has many ways of handling such a situation.  The Judge may enter an order enforcing the Judge’s prior order, or if warranted, the Judge may hold the offender in contempt. Whether you need an Orlando Child Support Enforcement lawyer or a Child Custody Enforcement attorney or need to enforce an alimony or property settlement provision an attorney at NeJame Law, P.A. can help you.  We can assist you in seeking enforcement of the Judge’s final order and can guide you through the process of filing a contempt action against the offender.

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