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Defense Against Fraud Charges in Orange County, FL

In the broadest sense, a fraud is a deception made for personal gain or to damage another individual. The specific legal definition varies. Fraud is both a criminal offense and the basis for civil liability. Many hoaxes are fraudulent, although those not made for personal gain are not technically frauds. Defrauding people for money is the most common type of fraud and the type most frequently prosecuted.

NeJame Law has experienced and knowledgeable attorneys that are based in Orlando, but serve all of Central Florida and beyond, in both state and federal court. We have handled fraud cases not only in the entire State of Florida, but also throughout the United States and the Caribbean. With thousands of hours dedicated to representing individuals charged with some type of fraud and having handled literally hundreds of fraud cases, our team of both criminal defense and civil fraud attorneys can provide the assistance, guidance, and help you need when accused of fraud. Our civil division also represents people who have been the victim of fraud and bring their claims in civil court.

Fraud in Florida has recently regained a renewed focus and priority for law enforcement. With a challenged economy, more fraud and alleged schemes to defraud are occurring. As such, more state and federal resources are now being utilized to focus on the investigation, arrest, and prosecution of fraud cases. Our experience indicates that as a result of these efforts, more and more individuals and businesses are being targeted for fraud investigations and arrest for conduct and activity which is really civil in nature or simply a business dispute or failure. At times, law enforcement appears to be taking many of these unfortunate and unintended circumstances and interpreting them as criminal conduct. In addition to our trained and skilled fraud attorneys, we at times employ experts to assist with our client's defense. These may include forensic accountants, valuation experts, appraisers, similar professionals in the industry to assist in establishing common business practices, handwriting experts, IT or computer experts, investigators, or tax consultants.

Mortgage Fraud

Attorneys from our firm are experienced and knowledgeable in the various areas that prosecutors and investigators focus on when pursuing or prosecuting a mortgage fraud arrest in Florida. Such cases could involve real estate or mortgage industry professionals or simply an investor who has filled out a questionable mortgage application. Often, there are multiple loan transactions with several financial institutions involved, but not necessarily.

A lawyer from NeJame Law will assist you in evaluating and preparing a mortgage fraud defense, whether you are an employee or owner of a mortgage company, an appraiser, or an investor. The areas of focus usually involve whether income or assets are overstated, whether liabilities and debts are not fully disclosed or have been altered, whether "stated income" loan programs were abused, whether collateral is overstated, whether the length of employment is overstated or fictitious employment is reported, whether employment is backstopped by conspirators or fabricated, whether an investment property has been improperly identified as a residence, whether there are multiple homestead exemption claims filed, whether a false or questionable appraisal was utilized, and whether a proxy investor was utilized to circumvent or avoid proper disclosure.

Marriage Fraud

The United States government prosecutes these cases federally. Marriage fraud can take several forms and is essentially the act of entering a marriage for personal gain rather than a genuine desire to enter a sincere marital relationship. Marriage fraud is most often associated with obtaining immigration benefits. In the United States, marriage fraud for immigration purposes is punishable under INA §204(c)(1) and the Immigration Marriage Fraud Amendments of 1986. Possible criminal penalties include $250,000 and five years in prison, as well as deportation and a permanent bar against receiving future immigration status.

Marriage fraud can be either unilateral or bilateral. In a unilateral marriage fraud, only one party is aware of the fraud and the fraud is against both the immigration service as well as the other party. The innocent party may file a lawsuit and/or annulment of the marriage. In a bilateral fraud, both parties are aware of it and both parties are subject to criminal penalties.

An attorney from our law firm can assist and represent you if you are being investigated or have been arrested for marriage fraud. NeJame Law has experience and knowledge in representing individuals, companies, and businesses faced with marriage fraud accusations. Compiling documentation, gathering witnesses, evaluating ethnic customs and traditions, and educating the investigator or prosecutor are but a few of the areas in which we provide assistance in preparing a defense to marriage fraud allegations.

Other Types of Fraud

Fraud can be alleged by many methods, including mail, wire, phone, and the Internet (computer crime and internet fraud). The difficulty of checking identity and legitimacy online, the ease with which browsers can be diverted to a site and obtain credit card details, the international dimensions of the web, and ease with which users can hide their location, all contribute to making Internet fraud, the fastest growing area of fraud and an ongoing focus of law enforcement.

Acts and offenses which may constitute criminal fraud include:

A Central Florida fraud attorney from our Law Firm will diligently represent you. NeJame Law is highly qualified and prepared to take on any criminal or civil defense case pertaining to mortgage fraud, stock fraud, marriage fraud, securities fraud, or any of the other fraud topics listed. We will prepare your defense and defend you against fraud investigation or prosecution.

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