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Bankruptcy Fraud

Bankruptcy Fraud Defense Lawyer in Orlando, Florida

Bankruptcy Fraud, What is it? Penalties? Bankruptcy Fraud Defense Attorney in OrlandoIf you are facing bankruptcy fraud charges you need to call a Florida bankruptcy fraud defense lawyer from NeJame Law today. Bankruptcy fraud is a very serious crime that is investigated by the IRS and prosecuted in federal court. If you are accused with bankruptcy fraud you will need a bankruptcy fraud attorney who has experience litigating in federal court. Our attorneys have that experience and you can guarantee that we will passionately litigate your case to help you obtain the best possible outcome.

What is Bankruptcy Fraud?

Filing for bankruptcy is like pressing the 'financial reset button'. When a person files for bankruptcy they can have certain debts erased and essentially get a fresh, new start at life. Filing for bankruptcy involves an extensive amount of paperwork. When mistakes are made in that paperwork, they will sometimes be deemed to have been made in good faith and sometimes deemed to have been made deliberately. This can result in an investigation on you for bankruptcy fraud.

Federal Statute 18 USCA § 157 defines bankruptcy fraud as "having devised or intending to devise a scheme or artifice to defraud." If you or someone you know has been accused of bankruptcy fraud, you should contact a bankruptcy fraud defense attorney from NeJame Law immediately. Bankruptcy fraud is a federal offense and our seasoned defense attorneys at NeJame Law have what it takes to help you fight your case. We have two former United States Attorney's on our criminal defense team who have years of experience litigating in Federal court. You do not need to look any further. Help is Here!

Common Types of Bankruptcy Fraud

  • Concealment of assets (18 USCA § 152): When filing for bankruptcy you are required to give an account of the assets that you have. If an individual knowingly and fraudulently makes false oaths or accounts about the assets they have, they can be convicted of bankruptcy fraud.
  • Multiple filings: You are allowed to file for bankruptcy on more than one occasion, but you must wait a certain amount of time between your filings. Failing to wait the required amount of time between bankruptcy filings can also result in you being convicted.
  • Petition mills: Petition mills are a type of fraud where a third party acts as a financial advisor or counselor. They take information from individuals and charge them fees only to defraud them and rob them of their money.

Bankruptcy Fraud Penalties

Bankruptcy fraud is a very serious offense. Reports and suspicions of bankruptcy fraud are thoroughly investigated by the IRS and prosecuted by the Department of Justice. If convicted of bankruptcy fraud you could be penalized with a hefty fine or even face time in prison. Your financial situation dominates a big part of your life, do not risk it being tainted or destroyed by a conviction for bankruptcy fraud. Help is Here! at NeJame Law!

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