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Shoplifting Defense in Orlando

The attorneys at the Criminal Defense Division of NeJame Law in Orlando have the experience, background, and knowledge in representing those accused or charged with petit theft (under $300), retail theft, or grand theft (over $300) from a retail location or an amusement park. Commonly referred to as shoplifting, these types of theft cases may present a variety of defenses for lawyers to evaluate and consider.

Was there an actual intent to steal the item? Did the accused actually leave the store or facility? Was the item accidentally placed in a bag or purse by a young child? Is the value of the item provable? Was the stop and search of the accused racially or ethnically based? These are only a few of the defenses and evaluations that need to be considered. Whether you are a juvenile or adult residing in Central Florida or a visitor attending one of the theme parks in the Orlando area, NeJame Law has a team of dedicated defense lawyers to handle cases related to charges of shoplifting and theft.

Our firm understands the serious repercussions that theft charges may have on your life. Theft is considered a crime of “moral turpitude” which means that not only are your actions facing sanctions and penalties, but your reputation and career may also be at risk if a conviction is entered on your record.

Whether plea negotiations are needed to secure the best possible charge and/or sentence or a trial is required are two important considerations that need to be assessed. However, other significant evaluations may also be necessary, such as whether a motion needs to be filed seeking dismissal of a case or suppression of evidence or whether pre-trial diversion or a court alternative program presents a viable option for a client.

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The attorneys from NeJame Law are available to assist you if you are charged with retail theft or shoplifting. Our attorneys have handled thousands of cases, and they are appropriately aggressive, compassionate, and knowledgeable. Our experienced defense team is available to assist and represent you during this difficult and challenging time.

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