Defamation of Character

Orlando Defamation / Slander Attorneys

Defamation is an intentional false communication that harms a person's reputation. Defamation is broken down into two different categories:

  • written, which is called libel
  • spoken, which is called slander

Defamation can cause harm to a person’s reputation, character, or career.

Our experienced Orlando defamation attorneys assist in reaching the best possible result for any harm caused to you by someone defaming your reputation, career, or character. One aspect that a defamation lawyer must look into is the difference between opinion and fact. Generally, a mere opinion, rather than facts, does not amount to defamation. Moreover, truth is a complete bar to recovery. For example, if the statements spoken or written are true then an individual is not able to recover any judgment in his/her favor.

Defamation Law

Defamation law varies from state to state. In Florida, essentially the elements to prove a defamation case are:

  • Published: in a libel case would be written or printed; in a slander case would be spoken to a third person.
  • False Statement: the defamatory statement must be false. Truth is an absolute bar to recovery.
  • Injury or Damage: the defamatory statement must cause damage to a person’s character, reputation, or career.


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