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Electronic Discovery is an emerging area of law that is changing the way litigation is handled. Together, the 20th and 21st centuries have birthed a new generation of technology. This new digital era has led to an overwhelming increase of electronically stored information (ESI) and has changed the American discovery process of litigation. The change from paper discovery to Electronic Discovery (eDiscovery) has forced both plaintiffs and defendants to realize significant new expenses and obligations during the discovery phase of litigation. These expenses are so major that cases involving eDiscovery are often settled.

Due to the expense involved, eDiscovery has been more common in large corporate cases. However, as America moves closer to becoming an entirely paperless society, eDiscovery is becoming normal discovery and is an issue in both small and large cases. At NeJame Law we do everything to ensure that our clients' cases are handled properly. We help our clients understand their duty to preserve and how to treat their document retention policies. We help our clients determine whether they will need a computer forensics expert or simply an electronic discovery (eDiscovery) specialist. Failure to handle electronic information properly and failure to completely respond to discovery requests can lead to legal malpractice and even sanctions for both the attorney and the client.

At NeJame Law we have the resources to safeguard against these types of negligent mistakes and we always make sure that our clients are receiving competent and diligent representation. Whether your case is large or small, if electronic evidence is at issue, we have the experience to handle it.

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