Florida Family Law Articles


Guardianship Law: Not Just For The Elderly
When you think of guardianship law you think of the elderly, however guardianship law encompasses so much more. Guardianship law was created to take care of any incapacitated person at any age. A person can become incapacitated through repeated drug use, mental health issues, or from birth.

History In The Making: What Everyone (And We Mean Everyone) Should Know About The Recent Supreme Court Rulings
The Constitution guarantees a right to same-sex marriage and Obamacare is here to stay. The Supreme Court had quite a Term, and the last week of June produced two tremendously important rulings. We all have our opinions on universal healthcare and same-sex marriage, and the Constitution guarantees that we are entitled to voice them, however these rulings must be understood before supported or criticized...

GAY TOURISM: Fueling Florida’s Future Economy?
Take a moment to reflect, fellow Floridians, for a few months ago, history was made: on January 6, 2015, the sunshine state became the 36th state to legalize gay marriage. A brief recap of how we got there (it unfolded rather quickly, you may have missed it)...

Alimony Reform Fails in Florida Once Again
When the Florida House elected in May to end their session three days early, they did so without addressing the contentious issue of alimony reform. By doing so the legislature declined to join the growing number of states across the nation that have recognized the need to address their antiquated laws governing the disposition of alimony.

Domestic Partner registry in Orlando for Gay Couples
“The City of Orlando values its diversity.” Mayor Buddy Dyer tips his hat to The City Beautiful, which took a leadership role by being the first government in Central Florida to establish a Domestic Partnership Registry. While it continues to be a long road to national recognition of same-sex marriage, states across the country slowly gain ground by allowing domestic partnerships to register with their local government in order to receive some of the benefits usually reserved for married couples.

Love and the Law: The Realities of Prenuptial Agreements
It’s an all-too familiar story: It’s a week before the wedding.You’ve been dreaming about this day for years and are overwhelmed with the last minute details, when your soon-to-be spouse presents you with a document entitled “Prenuptial Agreement”. Do you sign?