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Modifications of
Family Law Decrees
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Modifications of Family Law Decrees

Modifications of Family Law Decrees Attorney

Modification of Family Law DecreesA divorce or child support decree is final in most circumstances. However, many times after a divorce it is understandable that spouses may need to change the terms of their visitation and payment terms for various reasons. Under Florida law, a divorce or child support decree cannot be modified unless there is a substantial showing of changed circumstances. Generally, there must be a strong showing of changed circumstances to allow the court to grant a motion for modification regarding any family law decree. Our experienced decree modification attorneys will help guide you on the steps that need to be taken in order to modify your decree.

Florida law requires a showing of a 15% change in ability to make payments if the modification of the decree is based on financial reasons. A change in financial circumstances can be based on an increase or decrease in income, living expenses, or other substantial changes. Moreover, if a parent decides to relocate with the child in a distant city or separate state, there may be a modification to the decree of child custody.

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