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There are many different types of fraud and most of them are financial in nature. Any instance of defrauding a person for your own financial gain is considered financial fraud. Financial fraud is a serious crime and if you or someone you know is charged with financial fraud, you will want to hire an experienced fraud defense attorney. A financial fraud defense lawyer from NeJame Law in Orlando, Central Florida, will be persistent and diligent in forming a defense strategy specifically tailored to you and your case. Our attorneys will thoroughly investigate every client's case and perform an exhaustive research of the issues. We have two former United States Attorney's on our criminal defense team who have years of experience litigating in Federal court. With these skilled attorneys on our team, we have an inside understanding of how fraud cases are prosecuted.

This helps us form the best defense possible for our clients. You do not need to look any further. Help is Here!

Types of Financial Fraud

A few common types of Financial Fraud include:

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