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Orlando Firearm Offense AttorneyThe Florida Legislature takes firearms and weapons charges very seriously. These charges carry extremely severe penalties. A defendant may be subject to mandatory minimum prison sentence pursuant to the notorious 10/20/Life. The punishment is usually more severe if the person has a prior criminal record, especially a felony conviction.



10/20/Life Statue: "When a firearm is used in the commission of a crime, the crime may be enhanced to a higher-level degree felony, and the possible punishment may be greatly increased. Under the 10/20/life statute, if a person is convicted of one of the crimes listed in the statute and a firearm was used, they could face a minimum mandatory sentence of:

  • Ten years if they carried a firearm.
  • Twenty years if the firearm was discharged during the crime.
  • Twenty-five years to life, if any person was seriously injured or died as the result of a discharge from the firearm during the crime.

A minimum mandatory sentence requires the convicted person to serve the entire sentence day for day, and they are not eligible for any form of early release."

We defend all types of firearm, gun and weapon charges which range from Improper Exhibition of a Weapon to First Degree Murder. Our Orlando based Law Firm will have a criminal defense attorney make a thorough review and assessment of the case so that we are in the best position to develop, identify and handle all appropriate defenses. Defenses may include inspection on how the police collected and preserved evidence in your case, whether the identity is credible, whether there was an unlawful search and seizure, whether the police preserved items for fingerprints or in some cases for gun powder residue, whether DNA analysis is involved and an inquiry into the background and possible alternative motives that any witness or alleged victim may have in accusing our client with a crime.

Additionally, we thoroughly inquire in the background and possible alternative motives that any witness or alleged victim may have in accusing our clients with a crime, and we are not shy about exposing this to a jury or judge.

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