Florida Civil Law - Glossary

Below you will find some basic definitions related to the civil law.

Alternative Dispute Resolution - Business & Corporate Law/Litigation - Business Formation - Civil Litigation - Commercial Law - Construction Lien Law - Contracts - Debtor & Creditor Law - Foreclosure - Guardianships - Labor & Employment - Landlord & Tenant Law - Probate - Property Law - Real Estate Law

Alternative Dispute Resolution

A forum or means for resolving disputes that exists outside the state or federal judicial system.Back to Civil Law Glossary

Business & Corporate Law/Litigation

Mergers, acquisitions and contracts; representation of plaintiffs and defendants in business disputes including complex business litigation.Back to Civil Law Glossary

Business Formation

Guidance and assistance in forming a new business with the state and/or federal government.Back to Civil Law Glossary

Civil Litigation

The process of filing a lawsuit through the court system that involves steps towards a resolution to the matter.Back to Civil Law Glossary

Commercial Law

Representation of business entities in a variety of legal disputes.Back to Civil Law Glossary

Construction Lien Law

Assist in the technical requirements to insure lien filings as well as defense and prosecution of lien enforcement proceedings.Back to Civil Law Glossary


Establishing legal agreements between two or more parties.Back to Civil Law Glossary

Debtor & Creditor Law

Representation of debtors and creditors in the satisfaction of debts.Back to Civil Law Glossary


The legal process by which a property may be sold and the proceeds of the sale applied to the mortgage debt. A foreclosure occurs when the loan becomes delinquent because payments have not been made or when the homeowner is in default for a reason other than the failure to make timely mortgage payments. Back to Civil Law Glossary


The power or protective authority given by law, and imposed on an individual who is free and in the enjoyment of his rights, over one whose weakness on account of his age, renders him unable to protect himself.Back to Civil Law Glossary

Labor & Employment

We can work with employers or employees on any workplace issues that deal with the legal relationships between employers and employees.Back to Civil Law Glossary

Landlord & Tenant Law

Commercial; representation of clientele in the eviction process.Back to Civil Law Glossary


The process overseen by the courts when a person dies that includes distribution of assets.Back to Civil Law Glossary

Property Law

Civil theft, replevin of goods and other related procedures.Back to Civil Law Glossary

Real Estate Law

Document review in anticipation of real estate transactions; representation of plaintiffs and defendants in disputes over ownership, boundaries and easements.Back to Civil Law Glossary