Healthcare Fraud

Experienced Defense Against Healthcare Fraud Charges

With the new health care laws that have passed and that are continually made, healthcare issues are very prevalent. 

Florida Law - Types of Health Care Fraud

Some examples of health care issues include, but are not limited to:

  • False Billing: if a health care provider bills a client for services that they did not perform they can be charged with false billing. False billing is the act of billing someone who has no obligation to pay you. If you are charged with health care fraud in the form of false billing, or simply charged with false billing in a separate instance, an experienced defense attorney from NeJame Law can help investigate your case to determine whether there is an argument to protect you from being convicted.
  • False Insurance claims
  • Issues that relate to Medicare/Medicaid

If an individual is charged with health care fraud they could be hit with heavy fines or even have to serve time in prison. Do not let this happen to you. Call a health care fraud defense attorney at NeJame Law and get the defense that you need so that you can be successful.

Experienced Health Care Fraud Defense Lawyers at NeJame Law in Orlando

If you or someone you care about has been accused of some type of health care fraud within the Central Florida area it is critical that you contact a highly experienced Orlando health care fraud defense attorney immediately. Health care fraud charges are taken very seriously by Florida prosecutors. Help is Here! Contact NeJame Law 7 days a week at 407-500-0000. You may also send us an email at or fill out the online form provided on this page and we will contact you shortly. Your privacy is very important to us and we will keep your information confidential.