Immigration Fraud Defense

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Immigration is definitely a ‘hot topic’ these days. With all of the new immigration laws being passed by state legislatures, the issue that was once primarily handled by the Federal government is being approached differently by each individual state. No matter where you are, attempts to intentionally and knowingly violate established immigration laws will result in you being charged with immigration fraud.

Types of Immigration Fraud

Immigration fraud can come in many different forms. One common form of immigration fraud is through marriage. Marriage fraud occurs when an illegal alien marries a U.S. citizen for the sole purpose of gaining legal status in the country. This can be unilateral where only one party knows of the fraud, or bilateral where both parties are aware of the attempt to defraud. Either instance is illegal. Immigration fraud can also occur where undocumented persons use counterfeit forms of identity and other documents such as driver’s licenses, birth certificates, passports, and social security numbers. Being dishonest honest when filling out identity documents can result in charges of immigration fraud as well.


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