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If you’re a software developer, author, filmmaker or the owner of a business that creates products, designs or unique formulas or processes, you are the owner of intellectual property. But to retain its value, you need to take positive steps to protect your property. The attorneys at NeJame Law are highly experienced in intellectual property protection, licensing and litigation. We handle a variety of cases including:

The attorneys at NeJame Law are also veteran litigators in disputes arising out of business ownership and transactions, able to handle any court action that may be required to protect your interests.

NeJame Law can help you determine if a copyright or trademark is appropriate and can assist you in obtaining the proper protection for your inventions.

If you’ve already received a copyright, trademark or patent, intellectual property attorneys from NeJame Law can help you enforce your rights against others using your inventions without your permission.

Your business’s trade secrets — customer lists, price lists, strategies, plans, research — are also intellectual property and are entitled to protection from ex-employees and competitors.

The NeJame Law intellectual property attorneys are also very experienced with eDiscovery, a general term for extracting information relevant to a legal proceeding — whether civil or criminal — from electronic documents such as emails, spreadsheets, text files and images. The use of electronically stored information is subject to very particular rules, codified recently in the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure as well state law.

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