Vehicle passenger alleges Progressive failed to provide insurance coverage
A Lake County woman is suing Progressive Insurance, alleging she is entitled to uninsured/underinsured motorist protection coverage. Theresa Martin filed a complaint Oct. 30, in the Orange Circuit Court against Progressive Select Insurance Company alleging failure to provide uninsured/underinsured motorist protection coverage

Man alleges dermatologist performed different procedure than what was agreed upon
A patient has filed suit against a dermatologist over allegations a different procedure was performed on him than what he agreed to. Julius David Odom III filed a complaint on April 26 in the 9th Judicial Circuit Court of Florida - Orange County against Sand Lake Dermatology Center PA and Christopher P. Crotty MD citing vicarious liability and medical negligence.

Lottery-winning sex predator defaults on settlement: Victims trying to collect $300,000 judgment
A convicted sex predator who won $3 million in the Florida Lottery had agreed to settle a lawsuit filed by his alleged victims for $150,000, newly released court records indicate. However, Timothy Poole failed to make payments in February and March as outlined in the settlement, according to the plaintiffs' attorney. Now, a judge has entered a judgment against Poole for $300,000.

Sex Predator Who Won Lottery Settles Lawsuit
A convicted sex predator who won a $3 million Florida Lottery jackpot has settled a lawsuit filed by his alleged victims. The plaintiffs' suit against Timothy Poole, 45, was scheduled to go trial this week in Orange County Circuit Court. However, like many other civil cases, the parties were able to reach an agreement days before jury selection was expected to begin.

Florida sex offender allowed to spend $3 million lottery jackpot winnings despite alleged victims' lawsuit: judge
A convicted sex offender can spend his $3 million Florida lottery winnings any way he wants, over the protestations of two of his alleged victims, a judge ruled Friday.

Sex offender who won Florida's $3 million lottery prize sued by two brothers claiming to be victims
When convicted sex offender Timothy Poole won a $3 million prize in the Florida lottery this month, the news was met with shock and more than a little horror.

Convicted Sex Offender Who Won $3 Million Lottery Sued By Alleged Victims
The victims of a convicted sex offender are looking for justice in the form of lottery money. 43-year-old Timothy Poole, who recently won Florida's $3 million scratch off lottery, was arrested in 2001 for molesting a boy in 1999 when he was 9 years old.

Victims of registered sexual predator file lawsuit after he wins lottery jackpot
A registered sexual predator collected more than $2 million in a lottery jackpot earlier in December, and now his victims are suing for some of that money. Lake County resident Timothy Poole posed with an oversized check after winning the jackpot on a scratch-off ticket. But after news of his winnings spread, the victims in his 1997 attempted sexual battery case filed a lawsuit.

Dan Daley, whose Neck was Broken by Orlando Police, Says he Wants to Move on (With Video)
Dan Daley, the octogenarian whose neck was broken by an Orlando police officer, said Monday that he's glad a jury awarded him $880,000 in his excessive-force lawsuit, but he's eager to put the two-year ordeal behind him. "I think the verdict came out good," Daley, 86, said at the offices of his attorneys, Mark NeJame and Jason Recksiedler. "Again, I say, justice prevailed."

Orlando Police Officer found Liable in Excessive Force Trial
A jury on Friday found an Orlando police officer liable of using excessive force and breaking the neck of 84-year-old man, who was awarded nearly $900,000. Daniel Daley, now 86-years-old, decided to sue the police department after he says Officer Travis Lamont used excessive force on him in 2010. Lawyers for Daley said Lamont broke Daley's neck during a takedown in which Daley was flipped over.

Jurors find OPD officer liable, Award $880K, in Excessive-force Case
A federal jury Friday found that an Orlando police officer used excessive force when he took down an 84-year-old in a parking lot almost two years ago, breaking the elderly man's neck. After deliberating for roughly three hours, the panel determined Officer Travis Lamont violated Daniel Daley's civil rights and awarded the World War II veteran $880,000 in damages.

Jurors find OPD Officer Guilty, Award $750K
A federal jury today found an Orlando police officer guilty in an excessive-force case and it awarded more than $750,000 in damages to an elderly man whose neck was broken during a takedown almost two years ago. Daniel Daley, now 86, claims Officer Travis Lamont used excessive force during the takedown in a parking lot off North Orange Avenue in September 2010.

Family Hires Attorney after Deputies Knock on Wrong Door, Kill Armed Man
The family of an innocent Lake County man, who was shot and killed by deputies after they knocked on the wrong door, has hired an attorney. He talked exclusively to WFTV Thursday night. Deputies killed Andrew Scott on Sunday when he answered the door with a gun in his hand, but deputies were at the wrong home.

Woman Wrongly Convicted Files Suit
Malenne Joseph, the woman wrongly convicted and jailed last year for a property crime she had nothing to do with, filed a lawsuit Monday, naming the City of Orlando, the police officer who investigated the case and Public Defender Robert Wesley's office. The young Haitian-born mother who was wrongfully prosecuted, found guilty and jailed last year for an Orlando property crime she had nothing to do with, has filed a lawsuit, naming the City of Orlando, the police officer who investigated her case and Public Defender Robert Wesley's office.