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Ex-Prosecutor Avoids Case of Attempted Rape
Four months ago, federal prosecutor John "Jack" McLaughlin was arrested and accused of grabbing a bartender by the hair, pulling open her clothes and trying to rape her behind a biker bar in Sanford.

Does No Victim Mean End Of Barkley Case? Prosecutors Say They Are Continuing To Investigate Even Though Jorge Lugo Has Vanished.
Where is Jorge Lugo - last seen showing his scratches for the cameras after NBA star Charles Barkley tossed him through a plate-glass window? He has vanished since that October brawl at Orlando's Church Street Station, raising questions about whether the Houston Rockets forward can be prosecuted without a victim to testify.

Barkley Reportedly Reaches Settlement With Bar Patron
Charles Barkley, all-star forward for the Houston Rockets, has reportedly reached an out-of-court settlement with the man he was accused of throwing through a bar window in Orlando, Florida.

Man in Bar Brawl With Barkley may Face Charge - Jorge Lugo may Have to Appear in Court After Five Witnesses Claimed they Saw him Hit a Woman in The Face With a Glass
Orlando police are recommending that a battery charge be filed against a man involved in a bar brawl with NBA All-Star Charles Barkley last month.

No Apologies, Brawling Barkley Says - The Rockets Star Says he was Defending Himself when he Hurled a Man Through the Window of an Orlando Bar
NBA All-Star Charles Barkley never backs down. And he never will, the Houston Rockets forward said, offering no apologies about wrestling a man from a police officer's grasp early Sunday and hurling him through a plate-glass window at Phineas Phogg's in Church Street Station.

Prosecutors to let some cases slide those accused of battery, bad checks may get break
Shoving people or writing bad checks won't necessarily land you in court any more in Orange and Osceola counties.

DEA is Stung by Arrest Case Points up The Drawbacks of Using Informants
For years, federal drug agents repeatedly tried and failed to infiltrate local cocaine-dealing organizations that had ties to Colombia: After all, they had a reputation for being cautious, violent and dealing only with friends or established customers.

Osceola County Laborer Cleared in Home-Invasion Case Investigators are Convinced a Man 4 People Identified as 1 of the Culprits was at Work When the Robbery Occurred
Authorities dropped charges Friday against an Orlando man four people had identified as one of the people who robbed, hogtied and blindfolded them in an Osceola County home July 6.

Jury Rejects Woman's Rape Charge Hollywood Officers Free to go Home
A Seminole County grand jury Thursday declined to indict three South Florida police officers accused of raping an Altamonte Springs woman.

Jury Clears 3 of Trading Cars for Drugs
A federal jury on Wednesday found bail bondsman Sheldon Polakoff not guilty of drug charges, the second time in four weeks a jury has cleared Polakoff of a crime.

Cocaine-for-Cars Case Should go to Jury Today
A cocaine-for-cars trial is scheduled to go to a federal jury today with one less defendant. That's because a judge ruled Tuesday there wasn't enough evidence to prosecute a Miami man.

Car Thieves' Testimony Helps Clear Bondsman
An Orange County jury found bail bondsman Sheldon Polakoff not guilty Thursday of charges that he helped run an auto theft ring that sold cars from a Winter Park used car lot.

Contractors Found not Guilty of Fraud
Two executives of a Michigan contracting company were found not guilty Tuesday of charges that they conspired to steal money from another company on a pipe-laying project for the city of Orlando.

Judge Declares Mistrial in Orlando Pipeline Case
A judge declared a mistrial Wednesday in the racketeering case against three executives of a former contractor for the city of Orlando, citing inconsistent rulings he had made the previous day that hurt defense attorneys.

Bondsman no Stranger to Trouble Polakoff: Police were Out to Get me
If the Orange County jail were a voting precinct, Sheldon Polakoff once boasted, he could carry it in a presidential election. "My name," he said, "is like a household word there."

Ocoee Fuel Dealer Pleads Guilty to Tax Evasion, Fraud
A former Ocoee fuel wholesaler pleaded guilty in federal court Monday to three counts of tax evasion and two counts of mail fraud as part of an agreement that dropped 46 additional charges.

Pretrial witness quizzing is under fire taking statements is harassing, causes court delays, Dempsey says
Attorneys are using their right to question possible witnesses in criminal cases before trial to harass victims and delay court proceedings, Florida Department of Law Enforcement Commissioner Robert Dempsey said.

Store owner charged in shootings surrenders
An Orlando food store owner turned himself in to the Orange County Sheriff's Office on Wednesday, one day after he was indicted on charges of firing a .38-caliber handgun at a man who stole a case of beer.