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September was a cruel month for Jim Faherty. During a pick-up basketball game at his Delaney Park home, a buddy kneed him in the head, creating an 8-inch gash across the top of his skull.

Meeting Targets New Wave of Hate; Law Enforcers Asked for Help to Stop Crimes Against Muslims and Those of Middle Eastern Descent
More than 200 Arab-Americans, Muslims and others of Middle Eastern descent attended a town meeting Saturday night seeking to allay fears that they will be racially profiled, hassled by police and targeted in hate crimes.

FBI placed him in solitary confinement for 3 days as material witness
Tour operator Ahmed "Ed" Badawi bought 10 airplane tickets earlier this year for a Texas company that provided transportation in the United States for an airline crew from Saudi Arabia.

Probe Targets 6th Officer a 28-Year Sheriff's Office Veteran was Transferred After he Sought Character Witnesses for Victor Thomas
In the latest fallout from the Capt. Victor Thomas scandal, a longtime Orange County sheriff's officer is in trouble for soliciting character witnesses for Thomas' upcoming sentencing in federal court.

Sheriff's Captain Arrested in Sting. The FBI Operation Centered on Drugs and Stolen Property. Three Other Orange County Deputies were Suspended
As he walked into a staff meeting Friday, an Orange County sheriff's captain was arrested by the FBI and charged in a complicated cocaine and stolen-property sting.

Visco Faces Grand Jury in Wife's Death Over the Years, Florida Grand Jurors Have Been Fickle When Deciding Whether to Charge Suspects in Mercy-Killing Cases
As a veteran of two wars, Leo Visco knows what it's like to fight for his life. Today could prove to be his biggest battle yet.

Man who Shot Wife Goes Home to Rest Leo Visco, Charged with First-Degree Murder, was Released From Jail on Bond
Leo Visco walked out of jail with his son and his attorneys by his side Friday night so the 80-year-old man can return to the home he and his wife once shared.

Visco wins his Freedom from Jail Cell a Judge Granted Bond for the Elderly Deltona Man, who will Likely be Released Today
Leo Visco is going home today, but he can't leave the house. In a DeLand courtroom packed Thursday with Visco's teary-eyed family and neighbors, Circuit Court Judge C. McFerrin Smith set the stage for the 80-year-old man's release from the county jail, with the equity in his house as collateral. Visco will remain under house arrest.

Attorney Will Pitch for Visco's Freedom the 80-Year-Old who Shot his Ailing Wife Does not Pose a Threat, lawyer Mark NeJame will Argue in Court Today
Leo Visco knew he had to remain strong for his wife. Eva Visco needed him emotionally and physically. The constant pain of recent years kept Eva in bed, unable to maneuver without help from her husband of 24 years. Knowing that she needed him was enough to keep Leo Visco going.

Elderly Shooter Awaits Fate Leo Visco, 80, who Faces Charges for What he Said was the Mercy Killing of his Wife, Could be Released on Bond
A judge will decide later this week whether a jailed 80- year-old man accused in a Deltona mercy killing should be freed. If Leo Visco is released from the Volusia County Branch Jail this week, he may be able to attend his wife's memorial service.