Mark NeJame 2004 News

Kuhn's Vision: Hip and Trendy Benchmark
Details of Cameron Kuhn's next mega-project slowing are emerging. Newly named the Benchmark Building, the planned project apparently is an attempt by Kuhn to create a downtown destination similar to those in Tampa and Seattle. Kuhn, in fact, envisions the 600,000-square-foot commercial and office condo building planned for the corner of Washington and Orange avenues as an epicenter for the hip and trendy, downtown crowd.

Glamour Goes to Their Heads
It's not every Central Florida gala to which you can wear a screaming yellow and black-striped blazer and get away with it. But that's exactly what Louis Paparella wore into the ballroom at Universal Orlando's Royal Pacific Resort on Sunday afternoon. And the event organizer was far from the most flamboyantly attired.

Split Decisions: Federal Cases Show Big Gap In Reward For Cooperation
On Jan. 28, 2004, federal agents stopped a fishing boat and a pleasure boat as they sped into a Florida inlet from the Bahamas carrying 380 kilograms of cocaine and 487 pounds of marijuana. Ringleader William "Billy" Stevens, 46 years old, was arrested along with Henry Rudnitskie and one other man.

FBI Plans Interviews with Arab Americans; The AIM is to Uncover Pre-Election Plots, but Many Balk at The Tactic
Still upset about past scrutiny, Arab-Americans and Muslims in Central Florida are questioning the FBI's latest plan to interview community members as part of a broad initiative to uncover possible terrorist plots before the presidential elections.

Groups Object to Firefighters As Spies
Civil rights advocates criticized a plan to teach firefighters and other workers who regularly go into homes to report terrorist activity they see on the job.

Critics Call Snooper Program 'Silly'
Civil rights groups voiced concerns Thursday about a law enforcement plan to teach firefighters, utility workers and others who regularly go into homes to report terrorist activity, drug trafficking or other suspicious acts.

A Big Oast for Ladies Nights
In between slinging beers for his Friday happy hour crowd, Mugshots assistant manager Grant Deslauriers slams New Jersey.

Busted for DUI, video shows state senator asking to speak to sheriff
A state senator suspected of drunk driving repeatedly asked to talk with the local sheriff and refused to answer officers' requests that he take a breath-alcohol test, according to a videotaped recording.

The Election that Won't Die
The Buddy Dyer press machine fooled the Sentinel. On May 13, Dyer gave Sentinel city reporter Beth Kassab a letter he had just received from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement declaring, "[T]here was no basis to support the allegations of election fraud concerning these absentee ballots."

State Sen. Lee Constantine is Arrested on DUI Charge
State Sen. Lee Constantine was arrested early Sunday on a DUI charge after a Maitland police officer tracked the senator's car drifting in and out of the traffic lane and smelled alcohol on his breath, according to a police report.