Mark NeJame 2009 News

NeJame ends year up 23 percent
This year has been challenging for Mark NeJame, founder and senior partner at Orlando-based NeJame, LaFay, Jancha, Ahmed, Barker & Joshi PA. But 2009 was also something else for him: record-breaking.

State Drops Murder Charge in Hotel Balcony Death (With Video)
The state is dropping all charges against the man accused of pushing his girlfriend over a balcony New Year's Eve. Mark NeJame, the attorney for Jonathan Speegle, said the murder charge has been dropped.

Charge Dropped Against Man in Hotel Death
Prosecutors have dropped a murder charge against a central Florida man they had accused of pushing his girlfriend off a hotel balcony to her death.

State Drops Charges in New Year's Fall from Hotel Balcony - Jonathan Speegle expected to get appraiser's license back
Prosecutors on Thursday dropped a murder charge against a man they contended pushed his girlfriend to her death from the balcony of a tourist-district hotel where they went to celebrate the new year.

Gray's Attorney: 'Illness Explains All' - Jasmin Osmanovic Appeared In Court Tuesday; Gray Didn't
"Quinn Gray may not have reacted the way you or I would react or someone else would've reacted, but she's alive today," said Rick Jancha, another of Gray's attorneys. "So however she did react, it was the appropriate thing she did at the time. "

New Court Date set for Man Accused of Pushing Girlfriend off Balcony - Jonathan Speegle, 28, faces a charge of second-degree murder in the death of his girlfriend last year.
A hearing was held this morning in the case of a man who is accused of pushing his girlfriend over a 16th floor balcony late last year. Jonathan Speegle, 28, was indicted earlier this year and arrested in Oklahoma where he had been staying. He did not appear in court today.

Speegle Attorney Asks for Charges to be Dropped
The man accused of pushing his girlfriend off a balcony to her death on New Year's Eve goes back to court Monday morning. Jonathan Speegle's attorney wants the charges against him dropped. " My girlfriend just jumped off the balcony of our hotel room," said Speegle to a 911 dispatcher on December 31, 2008.

UK Welcomes New Investments
Paragon Law already has branches in Ludhiana in India and Shanghai in China, plus links with Miami and Orlando-based NeJame & Partners.

Law Commercials: Pitches that Last
Mark NeJame makes news as an Orlando criminal defense attorney on high-profile cases. But recently he realized he needed to raise his firm's profile. He credits a Facebook admirer for prompting his move into TV advertising two months ago.

Miller Says Haleigh's Father Doubts Wife's Story
Misty Cummings has gone through multiple tests, trying to prove her innocence, but experts say she knows more about what happened to her missing stepdaughter than she is saying.

Judge in Casey Anthony Case rules on Texas Equusearch Records
Judge Stan Strickland has ruled on a defense request for records from Texas Equusearch, a volunteer group that helped look for Caylee Anthony last summer. There's been an ongoing disagreement between Casey's defense and lawyers for Equusearch over which search records are relevant to the murder case.

George Anthony Interrupts News Conference (With Video)
"Mark I need to see you now right now. Now. Now. Now. Now. I need to see you right now," yelled George Anthony as he stood on the other side of the glass door from where a news conference was held on Thursday. Anthony brought the event to a surprising halt.

Deputy Who Caused Crash Will not Be Cited
An Orange County Sheriff's deputy who caused a multi-car crash that sent some people to the hospital will not be ticketed. Deputy Scott Stephenson ran a red light earlier this month in his patrol car, causing multiple collisions involving four vehicles, which sent several people to the hospital.

Casey Anthony Case: Casey Anthony's Father Barges into News Conference (With Video)
Casey Anthony's father barged into a news conference today and demanded to speak with an attorney who represents a volunteer search group that looked for his granddaughter last year. George Anthony spoke to attorney Mark NeJame behind closed doors for several minutes until Anthony's attorney, Brad Conway, showed up and joined them.

Missing Girl's Sitter's Story Doubted (With Video)
(CBS) Monday marked the sixth birthday of Haleigh Cummings, the Florida girl who disappeared from her father's mobile home during the night back in February. Now, six months since Haleigh went missing, police say they believe her father's new wife -- Misty Croslin-Cummings -- has key information about the girl's disappearance. Croslin-Cummings was babysitting Haleigh at the time she vanished.

Haleigh Cummings turns 6-years-old (With Video)
Putnam County investigators say they don't think that Misty Croslin-Cummings has been straight with them as they continue to investigate the disappearance of Haleigh Cummings, last seen six months ago in her father's home in Satsuma.

Haleigh Cummings' Grandma: 'We ust want somebody to look for her'
On the day that Haleigh Cummings' family should joyously be celebrating her sixth birthday, her relatives instead sat teary eyed inside an Orlando law firm and made another plea for the public to help find her. Haleigh vanished from her Putnam County home in February after her father's girlfriend put her to bed.

Haleigh Search Picks up on her 6th Birthday
Monday marks the sixth birthday of Haleigh Cummings, the Putnam County girl who has not been seen since February.Details of a new search for the girl are expected Monday as Haleigh’s family remembers her birthday.

Anthonys' Ex-Attorney Joins Search for Haleigh
Mark NeJame, a high-profile Orlando attorney who once represented the grandparents of Caylee Anthony, said he is now joining the search for missing 5-year-old Haleigh Cummings.

Search for Missing Haleigh Cummings to Get Help from Attorney Mark NeJame, EquuSearch
High-profile attorney Mark NeJame announced today that he and the non-profit search group Texas EquuSearch will help the family of missing 5-year-old Haleigh Cummings.

More help in Search for Haleigh
High profile Orlando defense attorney Mark NeJame and Texas EquuSearch founder Tim Miller announced Friday they will be helping in the search for a missing Putnam County girl.

NeJame, EquuSearch Join Search for Haleigh Cumming
Prominent Orlando attorney Mark NeJame is getting involved in the search for Haleigh Cummings.

VP Biden Coming to Orlando for Event with Grayson
Vice president Joe Biden will visit Orlando next week to raise money for freshman Democrat US Representative Alan Grayson. The $1,000 minimum donation luncheon on August 19th will feature some of Central Florida's most politically connected.

911 Call Released in Balcony Fall Death - (With Video)
Investigators with the Orange-Osceola State Attorney’s Office, on Thursday, released a 911 call which was placed after a woman fell more than a dozen stories to her death. The call, dated December 31, was made by then 27-year-old Justin Speegle, who is accused of pushing his girlfriend, 30-year-old Nichole Hammond, off a sixteenth floor balcony of a room at the Marriott World Center.

50 Most Powerful People in Orlando - 2009
The people with the most power are the ones who affect how we live.

Seldom-used Law may Force Casey Anthony to Trial
A judge has postponed Casey Anthony's capital murder trial until next year. But the prosecution is pushing for a jury to hear her fraud case now - something the defense has argued against.

Despite Murder Charge for Husband's Death, St. Cloud Widow Gets Bail
The widow's cell phone rang repeatedly before and after her husband's murder. Each call came from Charles King -- sentenced this month to life in prison for firing a single bullet into the back of Bradley Raver's head as he slept at about 4 a.m. on Sept. 27, 2007, according to St. Cloud Police records.

Boyfriend Charged in Hotel Balcony Death Bonds Out Again
A St. Cloud man charged with pushing his girlfriend to her death off a hotel balcony has been released from jail again. Jonathan Speegle was released from jail Friday after a judge reinstated a $50,000 bond against him.

Man Charged in Girlfriend's Balcony Death Gets Released
The man charged in his girlfriend's fatal 16-story fall from a hotel balcony was released from the Orange County jail Friday afternoon on $50,000 bond with conditions, including GPS monitoring. Jonathan Speegle was in court Friday morning as his lawyer argued for his release.

Man Accused of Pushing Girlfriend off Balcony Released from Jail this Afternoon
A St. Cloud man accused of being involved in his girlfriend's fatal fall off a 16th-floor balcony was released from the Orange County Jail this afternoon.This morning, Orange Circuit Court Judge Tim Shea re-instated Jonathan Speegle's $50,000 bond -- a bond Speegle posted after his initial arrest and release in January.

Accused Murder Suspect Released
Jonathan Justin Speegle was released from the Orange County Jail on Friday afternoon on $50,000 bond. The 28-year-old was let out on bond, then ordered back to jail having his bond revoked without warning, before being released a second time.

Boyfriend Indicted in Balcony Fall Death
It was New Years Eve when a woman fell 16 stories to her death from an Orange County hotel and Wednesday, the Grand Jury says it was no accident.

St. Cloud Man Indicted for Girlfriends's Death at Marriott
A man indicted in his girlfriend's fatal New Year's Eve fall from a 16th floor hotel balcony argued with the woman in public shortly before her death, according to an affidavit for his arrest.

2 shooting Incidents Involving Orlando Police Under Review
The use of deadly force on a suspect fleeing from police is never a decision taken lightly by law-enforcement officers. Police and deputies sometimes have only seconds to decide if a suspect fits a narrow range of circumstances — an imminent, deadly danger to officers or the public — to determine if they should pull the trigger.

Orlando Commissioner Daisy Lynum Cleared in Ethics Case Over Son's Traffic Stop
Orlando Commissioner Daisy Lynum did nothing wrong when she called the police chief in the middle of the night as her son was being pulled over by a patrolman, the Florida Ethics Commission ruled Friday.

Lynum Cleared of Ethics Violation Allegations
Orlando City Commissioner Daisy Lynum has been cleared of ethics violation allegations. She was investigated for calling the police chief in the middle of the night, because she believed officers had racially profiled her son in a traffic stop. Commissioner Daisy Lynum says she knew exactly what to do when her son suspected he was being pulled over by police because he's black.

Commissioner Lynum Exonerated for Complaining About Possible Racial Profiling
An Orlando city commissioner is found to have done nothing wrong the night she called the police chief when her son was stopped by a patrolman. Three years ago, Daisy Lynum called then chief Mike McMoy in the middle of the night to say she feared her son was the victim of racial profiling during a traffic stop.

NeJame Opens New Practice Division to Stave off Downturn
Attorney Mark NeJame has watched the rise and fall of the local economy. In fact, the founder and senior partner for the Orlando-based NeJame, LaFay, Jancha, Ahmed, Barker & Joshi PA defense law firm has led his own business through the same ups and downs.

Fashion Helps Girls Forget Cancer
'N Sync's Chris Kirkpatrick was dancing back and forth. Bo Outlaw was waving his long arms around to make a small child laugh. And a bald eagle was flapping its wings wildly near the wife of a U.S. senator.

Fashion Funds the Cure - (video)

Local Attorney Looks Ahead to Anthony Trial
Lawyers on both sides of the Casey Anthony case skirmished over motions at a hearing in court on Thursday, but the big fight will be at the murder trial itself.

Man Accused in Balcony Fall Hires NeJame
The former lawyer for George and Cindy Anthony has a new high-profile client. Mark NeJame will defend the boyfriend of a woman who fell from an Orlando hotel balcony. Jonathan Speegle went before a judge Sunday on murder charges.

Suspect in Hotel Death Released on Bond
The man accused of pushing his girlfriend over the balcony of an Orange County hotel on New Year's Eve was back in court Friday morning. After posting bond, Jonathan Speegle was released from jail Friday afternoon.

Court Hearing Held in Fatal Balcony Fall
A man accused in the death of a woman who fell from a hotel balcony was placed under a $50,000 bond on Friday. Jonathan Speegle could face a murder charge in the death of Nicole Hammond, 29, a mother from St. Cloud. Hammond fell off a 16th-floor balcony at Marriott World Center near Walt Disney World on New Year's Eve.

Suspect in Hotel Death Denied Bond
The man accused of pushing his girlfriend over the balcony of an Orange County hotel showed up for his first court appearance with former Anthony family attorney Mark NeJame.

Request for EquuSearch Records Denied
The area around the Orlando courthouse was filled to capacity as Casey Anthony returned to court Friday morning. Judge Stan Strickland ruled Casey Anthony would have to appear in court Friday and at all future court hearings held in the case.

EquuSearch Attorney Mark NeJame Speaks After Casey Hearing (video)

EquuSearch Leader Hires Anthonys' Ex-Attorney
Two former players in the case against Casey Anthony have joined forces against Casey's defense team. Tim Miller from EquuSearch, a group that performed several searches for Caylee Anthony, has now hired attorney Mark NeJame. NeJame had previously represented George and Cindy Anthony.

Meter Reader Receives $5,000 Reward in Casey Anthony Case
The Orange County meter reader who found Caylee Marie Anthony's remains has received a $5,000 reward from a local lawyer. Roy Kronk accepted a check from Mark NeJame, who formerly represented Caylee's grandparents, George and Cindy Anthony.

Caylee Anthony Case Drained EquuSearch Resources, Leader Says
Tim Miller, the founder of Texas EquuSearch, has told the Orlando Sentinel that getting his group involved in the Caylee Marie Anthony case might be one of the biggest mistakes he's made for the organization.

Man who Found Caylee’s Remains to Speak Out
The Orange County utility worker who found Caylee Anthony’s remains is getting ready to tell his story. Roy Kronk has been silent since a news conference the day Caylees remains were identified. Now his attorney, David Evans, says he is in negotiations right now with a national news outlet to speak out.

Equusearch Coming Back to Orlando to Fight Baez Request
Tim Miller of the Texas based search group Equusearch is headed to Central Florida again. The group helped in the search for missing toddler Caylee Anthony last year. Using thousands of local volunteers the group scoured several areas searching for any clues or remains of the toddler who was missing from June until her remains were found by a utility worker in December.