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OPD takedown: Daniel Daley says he has 'deepest respect' for Orlando police
Daniel Daley, the octogenarian whose neck was broken during a scuffle with an Orlando police officer, said today that he's feeling better and eager to go home. "I'm really anxious to get going ... and get home with my little dog," Daley said in his first public comments since his September incident.

OPD Chief Val Demings: Takedown move that broke elderly man's neck 'within department guidelines'
OPD Chief Val Demings on Friday said the takedown maneuver that broke an elderly man's neck in September and raised questions about police tactics was properly performed.

Daniel Daley: Elderly Man Out of Coma Nearly a Month After a Cop Broke his Neck - Daniel Daley's neck was broken during a confrontation with an Orlando police officer in September
The elderly man whose neck was broken during a confrontation with an Orlando police officer last month is no longer in a coma. Daniel Daley, 84, was placed in a medically-induced coma after he had surgery to repair a broken vertebra in September.

Daley's Lawyer Wants Officer Tested for Steroids
The lawyer for a man whose neck was broken in an encounter with the Orlando Police Department wants the officer involved tested for steroid use. The request was made in an email sent by attorney Mark NeJame to Orlando Police Chief Val Demings.

Lawyer: Test Cop in Broken Neck Case For Steroids
WFTV obtained an email Tuesday suggesting an Orlando police officer, who hurled an 84-year-old man to the ground and broke his neck, should be tested for steroids. The email was written by the lawyer representing Dan Daley, Mark NeJame. NeJame is asking the officer who was involved in the incident to take a drug test.

Lawyer Wanted OPD Officer who Broke Elderly Man's Neck Tested for Steroids - Lawyer Mark NeJame requested urine and blood samples from OPD officer Travis Lamont to determine if the officer was on steroids, records show
The lawyer for an elderly man whose neck was broken last month during a confrontation with an Orlando police officer wanted the officer tested for steroids immediately after the incident, newly released documents show.

State: No charges in Daley Case
No charges will be filed against the elderly man who created a firestorm of controversy when his neck was broken during an encounter with an Orlando Police Officer. Daniel Daley, 84, confronted an Orlando Police officer on September 18th over his car being towed.

Man, 84, to Sue After Neck Broken in Police Takedown - State Attorney's Office Declines To File Charges Against Daniel Daley (With Video)
An 84-year-old man who suffered a broken neck during a confrontation with a police officer will file a lawsuit against the Orlando Police Department, his attorney said on Wednesday. Daniel Daley Jr. suffered the injuries Sept. 18 in a confrontation outside a downtown Orlando bar with Officer Travis Lamont, who was investigating an incident between Daley and a tow-truck driver.

Daniel Daley Case: NeJame Says Lawsuit Coming Over Broken Neck (Video)

Demings Defends Officers, Calls for Changes
Orlando Police Chief Val Demings is defending her officers, but not the action that landed an elderly man in a hospital. "This is a technique that we have done for years." Demings said. "Something definitely went wrong in this case."

OPD Chief to Speak About Elderly Man's Broken Neck
Orlando police Chief Val Demings will make a public statement this morning about an officer's actions that caused an elderly man to break his neck.

Actions of Orlando Cop who Broke Elderly Man's Neck Under Review
An Orlando police officer who broke an elderly man's neck during an arrest this weekend used an approved takedown technique, but his supervisors are still reviewing his actions, police Chief Val Demings said Wednesday.

911 Call: Police Action 'Over the Top; Excessive' Witness to Altercation Said - Daniel Daley Jr., 84, suffered a broken neck after a confrontation with an Orlando police officer.
Orlando police released a series of 911 calls Tuesday that chronicled the events before and after a weekend confrontation with police that left an octogenarian with a broken neck.

84 Year Old Breaks Neck in Scuffle with Cop (With Video)
It was a confrontation that did not end well, a 26-year-old Orlando Police Officer versus an 84-year-old World War Two Veteran. That officer threw the man to the ground breaking his neck, an act described as self defense after police say the senior kept touching the officer.

Accounts diverge on arrest of senior - Daniel Daley suffered a broken neck after a confrontation with an Orlando police officer this weekend
One minute, 84-year-old Daniel Daley Jr. was arguing with an Orlando police officer about his car being towed. The next, he was on the ground in handcuffs with a broken neck. That much is not in dispute. But versions of the story diverge from there.

Texas EquuSearch lawyer says Casey Anthony Team Acts in Bad Faith
The Orlando attorney representing Texas EquuSearch says in court documents that the Casey Anthony defense team is acting in "bad faith" by pursuing information about people who took part in searches for Caylee Marie Anthony early on in the case.

Charges Dropped: Family Fights To Clear Man's Name - Man's Criminal Record Remains Despite Bomb Threat Charges Being Dropped In 2007
A man who was 18 at the time he was arrested and charged with threatening to blow up a school has had the charges against him dropped, but his criminal record has yet to be changed three years later.

Perry Takes Over Casey Anthony Case - Strickland Removes Himself After Motion From Defense
Perry replaced Judge Stan Strickland, who stepped down on Monday because of his comments to a blogger about the case. Perry was described as a no-nonsense judge, who is tough on the law and is expected to be tough on the budget that Casey Anthony's defense will be able to spend.

Judge Rules in Favor of Texas EquuSearch
New accusations are flying against Casey Anthony's defense team. The attorney for Texas EquuSearch is describing Anthony's dream team of lawyers as "lazy and sloppy." Anthony's lawyers wanted Judge Stan Strickland to grant them access to the names of every volunteer and all documents the group has relating to the search of Caylee Anthony.

Judge to Casey Anthony defense: Look at Records Before Requesting More Access (With Video)
If defense attorney Jose Baez wants details about the thousands of volunteers who helped search for Casey Anthony's 2-year-old daughter, he's just going to have to look at the records that have already been available to him for seven months, a judge decided Monday.

Motion Denied After Tempers Flare During Casey Hearing
Lawyers yelled in court Monday during the latest hearing in Casey Anthony's murder case, but Casey sat expressionless, rarely cracking a smile and hardly saying a word to her lawyers. In the end, Judge Stan Strickland denied Casey's defense team their request.

EquuSearch: Casey's Lawyers Never Came Seeking Documents
The search group that volunteered to look for Caylee Anthony has picked a fight in court. Mark NeJame, representing Texas EquuSearch, said he opened his doors for the defense representing Caylee's mother, Casey Anthony, to come look through all the names of the organization's volunteers, but they never showed up to seek the documents.

Casey Prosecutors Want Private Hearing, NeJame Reacts
News 13 has obtained a copy of a motion prosecutors filed in the case late Wednesday afternoon. In it, prosecutors are asking for a private hearing with the judge. They don't want the defense present. They don't want Casey Anthony there, and they don't want the public involved.

Could Caylee Search Volunteers' Private Info go Public?
A judge granted a continuation for the volunteer search group Texas EquuSearch.The defense wants any and all information on the hundreds of volunteers who joined in the search for Caylee Anthony.

Paralyzed Gymnast Adjusts To Life After Fall (With Video)
An Orlando gymnast who was paralyzed after a fall is determined to get her life back. Boone High School senior Dounia Bendris was practicing at Broadway Gymnastics in Oviedo when she slipped off the uneven bars, broke two ribs, collapsed a lung and severed her spinal cord.

Bail Set at $800,000 for Lake Doctor Accused of Hiring Hit Men
A Lake County doctor accused of paying hit men to kill a former business partner could be released from jail if he surrenders his passport, wears a monitoring device and comes up with $800,000 for bail.

Family Blames Police After Deputy Hits Girl
Eyewitness News talked to a family of a 6-year-old girl who was hit and badly injured by an Orange County deputy on John Young Parkway and the family said the Orlando police should pay.