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Michelle Parker: Mark NeJame blasts polygraphs, 'trash TV' on 'Today'
Prominent Orlando attorney Mark NeJame, Smith's attorney, told NBC's Matt Lauer that protective services gave no reason for taking the children. In what NBC billed as an exclusive, NeJame dismissed reports that Smith was the last person to see Parker.

Sunshine Laws Burn Casey Anthony Jurors
Every state has laws that govern the public's access to government records. From New Mexico to North Dakota – Alabama to Alaska – each have varying degrees of these so-called Sunshine Laws. The media loves Sunshine Laws because they allow easy access to information. But many on the other end of the equation don't feel so "sunshine-y" about having their business or personal information revealed to the public. There is no state more liberal in doling out government information than Florida — nicknamed the Sunshine State — and in my opinion their Public Records Law has now put some of their own citizens at risk.

Orlando Ride to Honor Winter Park Cyclist Run Over by Fire Engine.
When the monthly Critical Mass bicycle ride begins Friday afternoon in Orlando, one member of the group will be missing. Cullen Detamore, 18, a young father, was killed Monday evening when he fell off his new bike and was run over by a Winter Park fire engine on Lakemont Avenue in front of Winter Park Memorial Hospital.

Casey Anthony: Mark NeJame says, "My analysis was dead on and the jury's wasn't".
We're revisiting the local legal analysts from the Casey Anthony trial. What stood out for them? What did viewers tell them? What did the exposure do for their practices in Central Florida?

What did Analyzing Casey Anthony Trial Mean for Lawyers who Became TV Fixtures? Central Florida attorneys became TV fixtures during the case. What stands out for them?
What did analyzing the Casey Anthony case mean to the Central Florida attorneys who logged hundreds of hours on television? They had widely varying responses about what it meant to their practices.

Fear for Casey Anthony Jurors
The 17 men and women from Pinellas County, Florida, were chosen by sheer luck of the draw to sit in judgment at one of the country's most notorious murder trials. And when these jurors rendered their not-guilty verdicts in the first-degree murder case against Casey Anthony, shortly after 2 p.m. on July 5, their lives changed forever. Now they say they feel like prisoners in their own homes.

Ex-cop charged with murder gets bond.
Timothy Davis Sr., the retired Orlando police officer who prosecutors say shot and killed his 22-year-old son, was expected to be released from jail late Friday. Circuit Judge Jenifer M. Davis granted a $100,000 bond for Davis, but said he can't have firearms in his Apopka home and must be confined to the home with an ankle monitor.

Disgraced Former Windermere Police Chief gets 1 Year in Jail - Daniel Saylor faced as much as 20 years in prison.
Disgraced former Windermere Police Chief Daniel Saylor was sentenced this morning to one year in the Orange County Jail for official misconduct. Judge C. Jeffery Arnold recommended work release for Saylor. If he is found to qualify, he will be allowed to work during the day and be housed in a "secure facility" at night.

Ex-Windermere Chief Sentenced to 1 Year in Jail, 3 Years Probation
A judge sentenced former Windermere Police Chief Daniel Saylor on Friday to one year in jail, followed by three years probation. However, 44-year-old Saylor might not spend much time behind bars and might go to a work release center instead, WFTV learned. Saylor's head dropped when he heard he was sentenced to one year in jail. One of his loved ones cried, and as he was being fingerprinted and taken into custody, it looked as though he was fighting back tears.

Former Windermere Chief Daniel Saylor Takes Plea Deal, could Face 20 Years in Prison
Daniel Saylor accepted a plea deal Friday that could land him in prison for 20 years, but the former Windermere police chief's attorneys argued that he shouldn't serve any time behind bars. Attorneys Mark NeJame and Rajan Joshi called character witnesses and put Saylor on the stand, hoping to convince Judge C. Jeffery Arnold to sentence Saylor to probation and community service.

Orlando Lawmaker Files Casey Anthony-related Bill to Stop Jurors from Getting Paid for Interviews
A local lawmaker and lawyer want to stop jurors from cashing in after a verdict. Hours after 12 jurors acquitted Casey Anthony, one hired a publicist and tried to cash in on the verdict. That outraged a state representative and local attorney so much because they don't want jurors to be influenced by the chance to turn a profit.

Randolph wants 'cooling off' period before jurors can cash in
State Rep. Scott Randolph and defense attorney Mark NeJame held a press conference today to unveil a bill that would call for a "cooling off" period before jurors in high-profile cases like the Casey Anthony murder trial could cash in on their experience by getting paid for interviews.

Casey Anthony: Less Coughing in Court, and Fewer Notes, too
Garbage and forensics were the main topics this morning at Casey Anthony's trial. She is charged with first-degree murder in her daughter Caylee's death. WFTV-Channel 9's Steve Barrett highlighted the testimony of Dr. Michael Rickenbach, an FBI forensics chemist. Rickenbach said he was "very surprised to even get a result for chloroform" from a carpet sample from Anthony's car. (The sample had been packed in non-airtight box.)

Casey Anthony Trial: Legal Experts Question Defense Attorney Jose Baez's Handling of Case
Defense attorney Jose Baez rocked the criminal-defense world — not to mention Orlando's legal community — when he told jurors in Casey Anthony's trial that the death of his client's daughter was not a murder but due to an accidental drowning. He also blamed Anthony's lying on her family's deep dysfunction and the abuse she suffered at the hands of her father.

Casey Anthony: Does Defense have to Prove Sordid Allegations?
The question was posed tonight by WESH-Channel 2's Bob Kealing. Judge O.H. Eaton Jr., the station's legal analyst, gave an answer that viewers could interpret several ways. "Actually, they don't have to prove what they said. They just have to raise a reasonable doubt about it," Eaton said.

Casey Anthony: Former Boyfriend's Bombshell Supplies Late Drama
Things got mighty interesting at day's end in the Casey Anthony trial, the stations agreed. "They saved all of the drama for the very, very end," WOFL-Channel 35 anchor Bob Frier said. WOFL reporter Shannon Butler agreed in reporting on former Anthony boyfriend Tony Lazzaro talking about a secret without the jury present. "That secret that was told him by Casey Anthony was not that George Anthony actually abused her. She said it was Lee Anthony," Butler said.

Casey Anthony Case: How did Jose Baez do on Cross Examination?
Casey Anthony's defense team - specifically Jose Baez - was drawing withering reviews for the cross examination of George Anthony this afternoon. "The defense was obviously not prepared," said WKMG-Channel 6 legal analyst Mark NeJame. "It's because they were so unprepared, it ended it early. It ended it on a high for the prosecution on the first day.

Casey Anthony Case: Experts Predict Prosecution, Defense Strategies for Anthony Trial
Blame it on the nanny. Blame it on the meter reader. Blame Caylee Marie's disappearance and death on someone, anyone other than her mother. In the nearly three years it took to get here — opening statements in Casey Anthony's trial are scheduled for Tuesday — various defense theories briefly captured our attention and then fizzled.

How local stations will cover Casey trial - Local stations have big plans for the trial, from social media to television.
Local television, which has closely followed the Casey Anthony case, will go all out for her trial. "Channel 9 will be there every step of the way," WFTV anchor Bob Opsahl promises in an oft-repeated promotional spot.

Orlando Police sued for breaking 85-Year-Old's Neck
Then 84-year-old Daniel Daley was arguing with a tow truck driver who was trying to take his car from a spot across from an Orlando bar when police were called. Witnesses say Daley put his hand on Orlando Officer Travis Lamont's shoulder, and Lamont took him to the ground forcefully, ultimately breaking his neck.

Elderly Man whose Neck was Broken Files Lawsuit Against City, Orlando Cop: Daniel Daley, 85, was injured in a September scuffle with Orlando police Officer Travis Lamont.
The elderly man whose neck was broken in a confrontation with an Orlando police officer in September has filed a lawsuit against the city and the officer, records show. In a suit filed Thursday in Orlando federal court, 85-year-old Daniel Daley accuses the Orlando Police Department and Officer Travis Lamont of false imprisonment and arrest, and of violating his rights under the fourth and fourteenth amendments of the U.S. Constitution.

Family of Late I-Drive Mogul Sues Airport Authority Sued Over Restaurants Contract
Relatives of Jesse Maali, the late International Drive gift-shop mogul, are suing the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority over a 2007 restaurants contract at Orlando International Airport, charging that airport officials steered the 15-year, $300 million deal away from them.

Mark NeJame to be legal analyst for WKMG
WKMG-Channel 6 has lined up prominent Orlando attorney Mark NeJame as a legal analyst for the Casey Anthony trial. "I respect Tony Pipitone a lot. He is an investigative reporter par excellence," NeJame said. "I think our pairing will help explain what the case is truly about."

Daniel Saylor Pleads not Guilty to New Charges
No trial date has been set in the case against former Windermere Police Chief Daniel Saylor. On Friday, Saylor's attorney Mark NeJame told an Orange County judge that he is still sifting through a mountain of discovery in the case.

Fired Windermere Chief Daniel Saylor Pleads not Guilty on New Charges
The attorneys for fired Windermere police Chief Daniel Saylor were in court this morning asking the judge for more time to review the new charges filed against their client. Saylor's attorney, Mark NeJame, told Orange Circuit Judge Jeffery Arnold that his client pleads not guilty to the new charges...

FDLE: New Felony Charges Filed Against Ousted Windermere Chief
Prosecutors filed new felony charges Tuesday against former Windermere police Chief Daniel Saylor alleging that he tried to bribe one of his officers to lie and destroy records in a child sex investigation of Saylor's friend. The four charges — including tampering with evidence and bribery — stem from an ongoing criminal investigation that became public Jan. 12...

Runway to Hope raises $400k to fight childhood cancer - Current Affairs, celebrities, charity, child welfare, fundraiser, volunteer, youth
Exhibit A of the evidence that life isn't fair has to be childhood cancer. Each year in this country, more than 12,000 children from newborns to 18-year-olds are diagnosed with the disease, and it remains the leading cause of death for kids 14 and under.

Suspended Windermere Police Chief Daniel Saylor Released from Jail
Suspended Windermere police Chief Daniel Saylor has been released from Orange County Jail. Orange County Judge Kenneth Barlow granted Saylor a $5,150 bond on felony charges of giving unlawful compensation for official behavior and official misconduct.

Suspended Windermere police chief posts $5,150 bond
The town's top cop has posted bond after spending the night at the Orange County Jail. Windermere police Chief Daniel Saylor was arrested Wednesday, accused of trying to cover up a child molestation case against a friend. Saylor appeared in court Thursday morning, where a judge set the police chief's bond at $5,150.