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Orlando 'Dancing With the Stars' raises $86,000
Dancing Central Florida celebrities such as Dr. Jan Garavaglia, Mark O'Mara and Jorge Estevez helped raise $86,000 for Community Based Care of Central Florida...To help the foster-care organization, six local figures had competed on the dance floor. The others were attorneys Mark NeJame and Diana Tennis and banking executive Barb Scherer.

Orlando stages own 'Dancing With the Stars' (with Video)
The star of TV's "Dr. G: Medical Examiner" makes no bones about it. Dr. Jan Garavaglia says she is a lousy dancer. But the Orange-Osceola chief medical examiner will try to pull off a pasodoble Saturday in a local version of "Dancing With the Stars." The event, which pairs local celebrities with professional dancers, is a fundraiser for Community Based Care of Central Florida.

The Fixer: Prominent Legal Analyst and Attorney Mark NeJame
As a Florida criminal defense attorney and civil litigator, as well as being a CNN and local news Legal Analyst whose cases have included representing Tiger Woods, Texas Equusearch in the Casey Anthony case , Lou Pearlman and a host of prominent people, politicians and celebrities, Mark NeJame is one of the best. Nicknamed “The Fixer,” NeJame knows his way around high profile cases.

Zimmerman Jury Selection all About Race
On February 26, 2012, George Zimmerman, a Hispanic Neighborhood Watch volunteer at the Retreat at Twin Lakes housing complex in Sanford, Florida, shot and killed Trayvon Martin, an unarmed African-American 17-year-old. Initially, Zimmerman was not arrested, and no charges were brought against him. Rallies, protests and a media firestorm followed, even eliciting a comment from President Obama that "If I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon."

Who's who in the George Zimmerman trial
The attorneys on both sides of the George Zimmerman trial and the judge handling the case will soon be the focus of media coverage on screens across the nation. The trial for the 28-year-old neighborhood watch volunteer starts on Monday, June 10.

Legal Aspects of Cleveland Kidnappings Case - Amanda Berry, Gina de Jesus (Video)
In Depth: Kelli Cook from Channel 13 News talks to Orlando lawyer Mark NeJame about the Legal aspects of the Cleveland Kidnappings case in which three women were kept against their will for over a decade. Amanda Berry, Gina de Jesus and Michelle Knight are now free.

Craig Sandhaus Trial Delayed Because of Jury Misconduct: Jurors talked to each other about legal proceedings even though they were told not to.
An Orange County judge halted the murder trial for Craig Sandhaus - who is accused of fatally stabbing a bouncer outside the popular downtown bar The Lodge - before opening statements could be made Tuesday because of improper juror conduct.

Runway to Hope Raises Whopping $700,000
With Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas and "The Twilight Saga" actress Ashley Greene, Orlando attorney Mark NeJame and his wife, Josie, brought some big celebrities to their recent Runway to Hope signature fundraiser for childhood cancer research. But the biggest eye-opener was how much money they raised - over $700,000 and still counting.

Texting and Driving in Florida: Ban Waiting to be Signed into Law (Video)
In Depth: Mark NeJame, criminal defense attorney and legal analyst talks to Kelli Cook, Channel 13 News about a texting and driving ban was approved in Florida and is waiting to be signed into law.

Ashley Greene: How I'm Getting Through 'A Rough Few Months'
Two months after losing her beloved fox terrier in an apartment fire, Twilight's Ashley Greene has found a surefire way to move forward with her loss: shifting her focus to helping others.

George Zimmerman Case: Picking Jury for Zimmerman's Trial (Video)
In Depth: Orlando criminal attorney and legal analyst Mark NeJame discusses what goes into picking the jury for Zimmerman's trial with Channel 13 News.

George Zimmerman Case: Defense Waives its Right to Stand your Ground Hearing (Video)
In Depth: Why would George Zimmerman's defense waives its right to stand your ground hearing? Orlando defense lawyer Mark NeJame speaks with Channel 13 News and provides some perspective on the oncoming trial.

Casey Anthony Case: Defense team wants lawsuit out of Orange County (Video)
Orlando criminal lawyer Mark NeJame meets Channel 13 News and comments on why Casey Anthony's attorneys do not want to try Anthony's defamation lawsuit in Orange County.

Jason Rodriguez - Accused Downtown Orlando Shooter (Video)
In Depth: Is Jason Rodriguez, the man who opened fire inside of a downtown building back in 2009, competent to stand trial? Orlando defense lawyer and Channel 13 News legal analyst Mark NeJame goes in depth on the topic.

Children's Hospitals come Together, Finally
Memo to the skeptics: Orlando appears to be supporting three children's hospitals just fine, thank you very much. Ask Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas. Or Ashley Greene of "Twilight" fame. Jameer Nelson or Johnny Damon could tell you.

In Depth: Can George Zimmerman trial get a fair jury?
With just a little more than a month before George Zimmerman is scheduled to stand trial for second-degree murder for the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, we sat down with our legal analyst, Mark NeJame, for an In Depth look at the upcoming trial.

George Zimmerman Murder Case: Zimmerman Makes Huge Decision (Video)
Orlando defense attorney Mark NeJame talks to Kyra Phillips from HLN Raising America about the decision made by George Zimmerman's defense that they won't seek pre-trial "stand your ground" hearing.

George Zimmerman Murder Case: Final Hearing Before Trial (Video)
Orlando criminal defense lawyer and CNN legal analyst Mark NeJame talks with CNN News Room about Geroge Zimmerman's final hearing before trial.

In Depth: How would Florida enforce a texting & driving ban?
Whether we want to admit it or not, many of us have done it: Texting while driving. We all know texting while on the road can be very dangerous, and potentially deadly, which is why many states have put laws on the books banning texting and driving.

Ex-cop Charged in Sex Assault had Tattoo, Woman Says
\A young Lake County single mother said she remembered the tattoo on the Leesburg police officer's arm as he took off her handcuffs, removed her tank top and forced her to perform a sex act behind a strip mall in the early morning of Oct.3, according to recently released court documents.

The Legal Process Behind Legalizing Marijuana in Florida
It's a battle raging in the nation's capital and several states around the country: Should marijuana be legalized? News 13's Kristin Kane went In Depth with our legal analyst, Mark NeJame, to discuss the push to legalize pot, and asks if it could become legal in Florida.

George Zimmerman Case: Lawyers Trade Heated Motions
News 13 legal analyst Mark NeJame says the back and forth jabs between attorneys in the George Zimmerman case appear to be getting personal, which could have an outcome on the case.

Judge Barges into Allied Veterans Hearing, Orders it to Halt - Defense attorney: judge's conduct 'completely illegal'
Circuit Judge John Galluzzo did the unexpected on Wednesday: He barged into a hearing being conducted by another judge, took control, told a dozen criminal defense attorneys that their clients would not get a chance to argue for bail and then left.

'The Liberation of Casey Anthony's Mouth': a Line to Remember
Mark NeJame, legal analyst for Central Florida News 13, provided memorable commentary after the Casey Anthony appeal ended Tuesday afternoon. One NeJame line stood out. News 13 anchor Jackie Brockington wanted to know how the appeal would affect the civil case - Zenaida Gonzalez's defamation suit - against Anthony.

Shooting death of Leesburg pizza deliveryman by Lake deputy prompts controversy
The death of a pizza deliveryman at the hands of a Lake County deputy sheriff sparked cries of injustice and a debate over whether law-enforcement officers should announce themselves when knocking on a door.