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Sex offender who won Florida's $3 million lottery prize sued by two brothers claiming to be victims
When convicted sex offender Timothy Poole won a $3 million prize in the Florida lottery this month, the news was met with shock and more than a little horror.

Convicted Sex Offender Who Won $3 Million Lottery Sued By Alleged Victims
The victims of a convicted sex offender are looking for justice in the form of lottery money. 43-year-old Timothy Poole, who recently won Florida's $3 million scratch off lottery, was arrested in 2001 for molesting a boy in 1999 when he was 9 years old.

Victims of registered sexual predator file lawsuit after he wins lottery jackpot
A registered sexual predator collected more than $2 million in a lottery jackpot earlier in December, and now his victims are suing for some of that money. Lake County resident Timothy Poole posed with an oversized check after winning the jackpot on a scratch-off ticket. But after news of his winnings spread, the victims in his 1997 attempted sexual battery case filed a lawsuit.

How did Alan Grayson's wife get approved for public assistance? (with Video)
Alan Grayson is one of richest congressman in the country, but just one week before Election Day, 9 Investigates has learned his estranged wife is now using tax dollars to support her children.

Saddle Brook hotel has possible buyer
The new but still not opened Crowne Plaza hotel in Saddle Brook, put on the block after its owner was charged with criminal loan fraud and sued for $72.8 million, has a prospective buyer, according to a court document.

Florida Congressman's Messy Divorce Gets Messier
Court papers filed by his estranged wife, Lolita, claim that the Democratic congressman failed to pay for repairs for the 5,300-square-foot Orlando house where she is living with their four children.

Orlando hotel projects in limbo after Nik Patel's arrest
Two hotel renovation projects in Orlando are in limbo in the wake of businessman Nik Patel's recent arrest on federal allegations of fraudulently selling $150 million in loans to a finance company.

Orlando attorney Mark NeJame on Nikesh A. Patel's $150M fraud charges
Orlando attorney Mark NeJame isn't new to handling tough cases involving prominent Orlando people. This week, he found himself in the middle of another case representing Orlando businessman Nikesh A. Patel.

Businessman Nik Patel arrested on $150M federal fraud charges
Orlando businessman Nikesh A. Patel has been arrested by federal authorities on fraud charges. Authorities say Patel fraudulently sold $150 million in loans to an unidentified Milwaukee company. The FBI alleges he sold the loans as being guaranteed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture when they were not.

First Farmers CEO Arrested as Pennant Sues Over Loans
Patel was arrested in Orlando in connection with the allegations in the Pennant complaint and released on a $100,000 bond, his attorney, Mark NeJame, said in a phone interview. He said First Farmers has ceased doing business.

Mark NeJame: Pregnant brain dead woman case shows need for living will
In a controversial decision in January, a pregnant woman who had been declared brain dead was taken off life support after an emotional legal battle in Texas.

New Edgewater High Hall of Famers include secret service chief, stage actor, nationally-known attorney
The group includes the director of the of the United States Secret Service, Julia Pierson; Tony-nominated Broadway actor Norm Lewis; attorney and nationally-known commentator Mark NeJame and Scott George.

Alan Grayson's Wife Drops Restraining Order Against Him
The wife of Florida Congressman Alan Grayson dropped her request for a permanent restraining order against him, according to a court filing on Wednesday.

Dr. G helps charity, wins Cadillac
"I originally did not want to participate because it was out of my comfort zone to get dressed up and parade around in front of people," said Garavaglia, star of "Dr. G: Medical Examiner."

Zimmerman trial medical examiner: Prosecution wanted to lose
Dr. Shiping Bao was the medical examiner who did the autopsy on Trayvon Martin's body, and he was one of the state's main expert witnesses at last year's George Zimmerman trial.

Law firms investigate anonymous Bar complaints sent to 42 states
Two local law firms are trying to figure out who sent dozens of accusatory letters to bar associations across the country about one, using the other's return address..

Jury of mostly women set to hear rape case against male cop
A jury of mostly women was selected Monday in the trial of a former Leesburg police officer accused of forcing a female suspect to perform a sexual act on him in a parking lot during her 2012 arrest.