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Mergers and Acquisition consists of laws affecting the purchase of one company by another (an acquisition), or combining two companies into a new entity (a merger). A merger occurs when two companies join together and one new company continues to exist. Moreover, a consolidation is a type of merger that combines two companies together to form a new enterprise altogether and the previous companies no longer remain. A process by which one company acquires the assets of another company is called an acquisition. An acquisition, or takeover, is the purchase of one business by another.

To help protect your business or company contact an experienced merger and acquisition attorney from NeJame law. To ensure that your rights are protected when you go through the process of a merger or acquisition, it is important to have a qualified mergers and acquisition attorney that reviews all the potential circumstances during this transaction. We have the knowledge and experience with Florida law to help review business contracts. If you are drafting, negotiating, or signing a merger or acquisition contract, we can help you understand the obligations created by the document or include the necessary precautions before you are confronted by unexpected surprises.

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