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1 million face masks donated to returning citizens for Election Day: Attorney, Florida Rights Restoration Coalition want to ensure former felons have tools to vote (With Video)
A Central Florida organization and an Orlando attorney are teaming up to donate 1 million face masks to returning citizens statewide, working to make sure they have all the tools they need to vote safely.....

Desmond Meade And NeJame Law Come Together Donating 1,000,000 Masks To be Distributed To Voting Polling Places In Florida
We are announcing that 1 million masks will be provided and distributed to voting polling places throughout Florida. Desmond Mead's organization, the Florida Restoration of Rights Coalition (FRRC) has acquired 500,00 masks and I and NeJame Law are matching this by donating 500,000 more today....

Controversial Amazon surveillance program gets second chance in Orlando
The City of Orlando's police department is giving Amazonís controversial facial recognition software a second chance, despite widespread criticism and privacy concerns by civil rights groups after the first sixth-month trial period ended late last month.

As a Muslim American, I’m witnessing state-sponsored Islamophobia – the basis of Trump’s travel ban is fake news
On Monday 4 December, the United States Supreme Court ruled that Trump’s third version of the Muslim ban was fully enforceable. The same day, in Jacksonville, Florida, a self-identified Christian was arrested for planning a mass shooting at a local Islamic centre. The suspect had previously shared a fake-news article about Muslims raping a woman on his Facebook page, which is also rife with photos of guns.

Vehicle passenger alleges Progressive failed to provide insurance coverage
A Lake County woman is suing Progressive Insurance, alleging she is entitled to uninsured/underinsured motorist protection coverage. Theresa Martin filed a complaint Oct. 30, in the Orange Circuit Court against Progressive Select Insurance Company alleging failure to provide uninsured/underinsured motorist protection coverage

Man alleges dermatologist performed different procedure than what was agreed upon
A patient has filed suit against a dermatologist over allegations a different procedure was performed on him than what he agreed to. Julius David Odom III filed a complaint on April 26 in the 9th Judicial Circuit Court of Florida - Orange County against Sand Lake Dermatology Center PA and Christopher P. Crotty MD citing vicarious liability and medical negligence.

Lottery-winning sex predator defaults on settlement: Victims trying to collect $300,000 judgment
A convicted sex predator who won $3 million in the Florida Lottery had agreed to settle a lawsuit filed by his alleged victims for $150,000, newly released court records indicate. However, Timothy Poole failed to make payments in February and March as outlined in the settlement, according to the plaintiffs' attorney. Now, a judge has entered a judgment against Poole for $300,000.

Faith & Politics: The Muslim Ban by Donald Trump
Is Franklin Graham right when he says that immigration is “not a biblical issue”? On this episode of Friends Talking Faith with The Three Wise Guys we discuss faith and Donald Trump’s ban on immigration.

Orlando Immigration Attorney: Confusion at OIA after Trump's executive order on immigration
President Donald Trump’s executive order on immigration is causing a legal uproar in Central Florida, as well as other parts of the nation. “The order involving the travel and visa issuance ban is unconstitutional,” Shahzad Ahmed, a senior immigration attorney at Orlando-based law firm NeJame Law, told Orlando Business Journal. "It violates the equal protection clause because it treats various classes of individuals differently.

Orlando attorney fights travel ban with lawsuit (With video)
An immigration attorney in Orlando is fighting President Donald Trump's travel ban with a lawsuit in federal court. Shahzad Ahmed, with NeJame Law, filed the lawsuit on behalf of an Iranian national whose wife and child live in Orlando.

Channel 13 News Interviews Orlando Immigration Attorney Yazen Abdin on Travel Ban (Video)
An immigration attorney with NeJame Law talks to Channel 13 News about President Donald Trump's executive order banning seven countries from immigration into the US. Mr. Abdin explains how this ban has affected some of his clients and how the ban could be expanded to include other countries.

Orlando Immgration Attorney Yazen Abdin is Interviewed By Channel 6 News on Travel Ban (Video)
An immigration attorney with NeJame Law talks to Channel 6 News about President Donald Trump's executive order and #TavelBan and explains how this ban could affect his clients and what they are doing to prevent it.

PRESS RELEASE: Immigration Attorney With NeJame Law Urges President-Elect Trump to Turn to Positive Rhetoric and Move Forward on Immigration Reform
Orlando immigration with NeJame Law and former Orlando Regional Vice-Chair of American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), called on President-elect Trump to turn to a more productive discussion and to work with Congressional leaders on both sides of the aisle to move forward on immigration reform.

Human Rights Defender, Shahzad Ahmed, files Asylum for Iranian Christian
Attorney Shahzad Ahmed with NeJame Law, filed for asylum relief for an Iranian Christian. The application is based upon the claim that if Mr. Ahmed’s client returns to Iran, he will be persecuted by Iran’s regime and its people.

Hajj Fatalities and Fatalism: Time for Reform
Tragically, once again, the Hajj resulted in a stampede, causing deaths of many pilgrims; this time, more than 1,400, and numerous others injured. And once again, many Muslims accepted the calamity as "taqdeer," or the predestined will of God, and proclaimed the dead as martyrs.

Woman sues ex-cop, Leesburg for alleged sexual assault
A woman who claims a former Leesburg police officer sexually assaulted her while driving her to jail is demanding civil damages from both the man and city officials.The former officer, Henri Bart Larue, stood trial on criminal charges last year, but a jury acquitted him of assaulting the single mother in a secluded alley in October 2012..

Defending Asia Bibi – A Glimmer of Hope
On July 21st, Attorney Shahzad Ahmed, filed a complaint with the Human Rights Cell of the Pakistani Supreme Court in the case of ASIA BIBI, who has been sentenced to death under Pakistan's inhumane blasphemy law.

Pastor seeks law against performing same-sex marriage
Now that marriage between same-sex couples is legal nationwide, some religious leaders are fighting to make sure their rights are upheld. Chris Walker is a pastor at Cathedral of Power in Clermont. He said his first amendment rights are being challenged and wants to confirm that pastors won’t be required to perform same-sex marriages.

Time running short to save Asia Bibi: My Word
It was a scorching hot day in the summer of 2009, when Asia Bibi, a 45-year old Christian field worker, drank from a bucket of water to quench her thirst. But her female Muslim co-workers refused to drink from the bucket solely because, Bibi, a Christian, had touched it. An argument ensued and the result was Bibi being prosecuted and convicted of the death penalty. Her crime? Her co-workers accused her of insulting the Prophet Muhammad.

Why police can't file charges in Florida revenge porn case
A supervisor with the Orange County Sheriff's Office is being investigated by her own department.

Second teen pleads guilty in Winter Springs High gang rape
A second teen accused of gang raping a classmate near Winter Springs High School pleaded guilty in Seminole County juvenile court Tuesday morning. In accordance with our Crime Guidelines, News 13 is not identifying any of the three juvenile suspects in this case. Two others were charged as adults.

Husband speaks to WESH 2 after deputy relieved of duty (video)
A supervisor with the Orange County Sheriff's Office is being investigated by her own department.

As Vows Are Exchanged, Gay Marriage Opponents Fight On
Will the fight over same-sex marriage continue in Florida? As same-sex couples exchanged wedding vows in Florida, the state’s Attorney General Pam Bondi is staying mum on whether she’ll keep fighting to uphold Florida’s voter-approved constitutional ban on gay marriage.

Making sense of Florida's 2014 amendments
Florida will decide three constitutional amendments in the 2014 general election in November, including one controversial that would legalize medical marijuana in the Sunshine State. Each measure requires 60 percent voter approval to pass. Ballot items can be lengthy and confusing to some voters, so we've explained each of the three amendments here to help you be prepared before heading to the ballot box.

Orlando Business Journal Readers Name NeJame Law Best Central Florida Law Firm — Again
For the second year in a row, readers of the Orlando Business Journal have voted NeJame Law as the “Best Law Firm In Central Florida.” The firm won the honor in 2012 and its second consecutive win was announced in the October 18 edition of the Orlando Business Journal.

Orlando Police Officer found Liable in Excessive Force Trial
A jury on Friday found an Orlando police officer liable of using excessive force and breaking the neck of 84-year-old man, who was awarded nearly $900,000. Daniel Daley, now 86-years-old, decided to sue the police department after he says Officer Travis Lamont used excessive force on him in 2010. Lawyers for Daley said Lamont broke Daley's neck during a takedown in which Daley was flipped over.

Jurors find OPD officer liable, Award $880K, in Excessive-force Case
A federal jury Friday found that an Orlando police officer used excessive force when he took down an 84-year-old in a parking lot almost two years ago, breaking the elderly man's neck. After deliberating for roughly three hours, the panel determined Officer Travis Lamont violated Daniel Daley's civil rights and awarded the World War II veteran $880,000 in damages.

Jurors find OPD Officer Guilty, Award $750K
A federal jury today found an Orlando police officer guilty in an excessive-force case and it awarded more than $750,000 in damages to an elderly man whose neck was broken during a takedown almost two years ago. Daniel Daley, now 86, claims Officer Travis Lamont used excessive force during the takedown in a parking lot off North Orange Avenue in September 2010.

Family Hires Attorney after Deputies Knock on Wrong Door, Kill Armed Man
The family of an innocent Lake County man, who was shot and killed by deputies after they knocked on the wrong door, has hired an attorney. He talked exclusively to WFTV Thursday night. Deputies killed Andrew Scott on Sunday when he answered the door with a gun in his hand, but deputies were at the wrong home.

Trayvon Martin: Sanford officials, Rep. Corrine Brown meet with Justice officials in Washington
Rep. Corrine Brown, and Sanford city leaders, who met in Washington today with U.S. Department of Justicer epresentatives, said they were committed to finding answers surrounding the shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. "I am not satisfied with how this case was handled," said Brown, D-Jacksonville, speaking on the grounds of Capitol Hill. She said the crime scene was not properly contained and that has eroded people's faith that justice would be done. "People need to feel the system is fair."

Former Stetson Student Avoids Trial for Stalking Professor
A former Stetson University student who was accused last year of stalking and threatening one of her professors has entered into a pre-trial intervention program, the State. Attorney's Office announced today.

Lawyer: Deal in Works for Stetson Student Charged in Threats
The lawyer for a former Stetson University student accused of sending written death threats to a professor said Tuesday he is working on a plea deal he hopes will keep her out of jail.

Woman Wrongly Convicted Files Suit
Malenne Joseph, the woman wrongly convicted and jailed last year for a property crime she had nothing to do with, filed a lawsuit Monday, naming the City of Orlando, the police officer who investigated the case and Public Defender Robert Wesley's office. The young Haitian-born mother who was wrongfully prosecuted, found guilty and jailed last year for an Orlando property crime she had nothing to do with, has filed a lawsuit, naming the City of Orlando, the police officer who investigated her case and Public Defender Robert Wesley's office.

Orlando Doctor Acquitted of Federal Conspiracy Charge
An Orlando doctor accused of covering up payments to a friend and employee who was receiving disability benefits has been acquitted of conspiring to defraud the government.

Sanford Cop's Son gets Probation for Punching Homeless Man
A Sanford police lieutenant's son who was captured on video, sucker-punching a homeless man outside a bar, knocking him out, on Monday pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor and was placed on a year of probation.

Lake's Dr. Akram Ismail gets Probation in Alleged Murder-for-Hire Scheme
Dr. Akram Ismail, who was accused of hiring patients to kill, maim or sexually embarrass a professional rival avoided jail by pleading guilty to lesser crimes, but he still faces a fight to regain his state medical license.

Prosecutors' Conduct can Tip Justice Scales
The jurors who helped put Nino Lyons in jail for three years had every reason to think that he was a drug trafficker, and, until July, no reason to doubt that justice had been done... But the federal prosecutors handling the case did not let the jury hear all the facts.

Attorneys Spar in Gray Case - Hearing about gag order set for Friday
Attorneys for Quinn Gray, charged with helping fake her own kidnapping and trying to extort money from her husband, said on an early morning news show Tuesday that the kidnapping was real and their client was raped.

Police: Florida Wife Faked her own Abduction - Cops say it was actually a $50,000 extortion plot cooked up with her lover (With Video)
Prosecutors contend the strange case of 37-year-old Quinn Gray, who claims she was abducted and held for four days in hellish captivity, is a cleverly planned ruse. They claim her supposed abductor, a 25-year-old Bosnian immigrant, was actually her lover, and that the pair plotted to extort cash from Quinn's well-heeled husband, Reid."

Commissioner's Call Could Cost Her $10,000 (with video)
One phone call could end up costing an Orlando city commissioner $10,000. A state ethics lawyer with the Attorney General's Office wants Commissioner Daisy Lynum to pay a fine for calling the chief of police after her son was pulled over by an officer.

Ethics lawyer: Lynum should be fined $10,000
A lawyer from the Florida Attorney General's Office says Orlando Commissioner Daisy Lynum is guilty of misusing her position and should be fined $10,000 by the Florida Ethics Commission.

Food Fight (pdf file)
The food fight over the concessions for Airside 3 (gates 30-59) at Orlando International Airport is being hashed out once again, nearly a year after it was thought to be settled.

Johnson Takes Aim at Tone of Tanner's Report
A five-page State Attorney's Office report has raised Volusia County Sheriff Ben Johnson's ire. And it may be exposing some problems brewing between the sheriff and State Attorney John Tanner.

Mayor's ex-son-in-law linked to D.C. shooting
On Feb. 10, 2001, Tremayne Graham cruised in a limousine through Washington accompanied by an entourage of friends and fellow drug dealers: men with street names like X-Man, Soup and Playboy.

Taxpayers could foot legal bills in Lou Pearlman case
Though suspected of stealing millions from investors and lenders, Lou Pearlman could end up having taxpayers foot his legal bills as he defends himself against a charge of bank fraud.

Crime-busting teams can trip over one another, report says
Two federal crime-busting units planned for Central Florida could hinder efforts to stem local violence unless the incoming agents can avoid duplicating work or crossing their investigations.

Attorney post has few takers
Wanted: Veteran attorney to oversee important cases in 35 Florida counties. Job expected to last 18 months or so. Salary: $145,400.

Former U.S. prosecutor now a defender
The doorbell rang. Rick Jancha jumped up and switched on the security cameras. Through the television monitors, he could see a man standing at the front door. He quickly ushered his wife to safety and called police.

Nowak's lawyer gains reputation as 'smart and aggressive'
Donald Lykkebak doesn't shy from high-profile cases. So it was no surprise to see him in court Tuesday representing Lisa Marie Nowak, the NASA astronaut accused of attempted murder.

Massive Drug Dealer Roundup Nets 30 Arrests
It was described as the biggest roundup of suspected drug dealers in the history of Brevard County. Investigators said simultaneously raids Wednesday landed 30 suspects.

10 arrested in Volusia cocaine bust
A Jamaican cocaine ring funneling drugs through cruise ships and cargo liners and into the DeLand area was dismantled Tuesday with 10 arrests and the seizure of drugs, firearms and cash, authorities said.

Area residents seek open circuit judgeship
A U.S. prosecutor and two county judges are among 19 candidates seeking the circuit judgeship vacated earlier this month by David Monaco after his appointment to the 5th District Court of Appeal by Gov. Jeb Bush.

Girlfriend of dealer to serve 24 years
The Daytona Beach drug dealer stood defiantly before a federal judge Tuesday, proclaiming her innocence and demanding the government provide for her children before she was sentenced to 24-plus years.

Four drug ring members sentenced
Four men who cooperated with authorities in their efforts to convict a high-level drug dealer were sentenced Tuesday in federal court for their roles in distributing cocaine and crack in the Daytona Beach area.

Magistrate wanted protection, witness says
An Orlando federal magistrate demanded protection after an anti-government group sent him documents accusing him of treason, an assistant U.S. attorney testified Tuesday.