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Mother of son shot, killed by deputy plans to sue Orange County Sheriff’s Office

Video: Mother of son killed by deputy plans to sue Orange County Sheriff’s Office, apartment complex The mother of the man shot and killed by an Orange County deputy back in August is speaking for the first time. (Shannon Butler, (Shannon Butler,


ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — The mother of the man shot and killed by an Orange County deputy back in August is speaking for the first time.

Ada Blaker said she was there when a deputy shot and killed her son, Bryan Richardson. She said Richardson was trying to protect her and her other son, Dylan Jimenez, who had just been shot in an altercation with another man

“There was blood all over Dylan, there was blood all over me,” she said. “I was holding him on the ground. I remember saying to Dylan, ‘Please don’t leave me, please don’t go, stay here with me.’

Jimenez’s alleged shooter is in jail on a second-degree murder charge, and the deputy accused of shooting Richardson is under investigation.

Blaker said she plans to sue the complex where both her sons died, as well as the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

“I had no time to react,” she said. “They wouldn’t let me hold Bryan, they wouldn’t let me hold Dylan.”

Deputies said Dyaln, 21, and Rapheal Villaverde were in an altercation, and Dylan was killed.

Deputies were called, they got to the scene and in body camera footage someone can be heard telling deputies Dylan’s brother, Bryan Richardson, had a gun.

That’s when deputies shot and killed him. Sheriff John Mina said Richardson didn’t put down his weapon when deputies asked him to.

Their mother said the deputies acted too fast.

“He asked Bryan to but down the gun, but he didn’t give him time and he just shot my son,” she said. “And when Bryan was going down he continued to shoot my son.”

Blaker has hired Mark NeJame’s law firm to represent her in what she said was an incident that never should happened, because Richardson was just trying to keep everyone safe from the original shooter.

“It’s so clear in the time that he was there protecting his brother, protecting his mother, protecting everyone on the scene that the deputy knew it was communicated, witnesses have testified that he had communicated to the deputies that I am armed, that this is an active shooting situation and I am hear to protect my family,” Blaker said.

Rafael Villaverde is expected in court in January. He is asking for bond, but Blaker said she will ask the judge not to give it to him.


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