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Federal Attorney Mark NeJame Amongst The 50 Most Powerful People in Orlando


By Jim Clark

Letter The second annual Orlando Magazine Power 50 list includes some new names, lots of changes in position and some departures to make way for the new arrivals (Power 50 debuts are indicated with blue numbers).

We asked a group of community leaders to give us their thoughts on who are the most powerful people in Orlando. We received scores of names, then narrowed the list. It was not to be a list of those who made significant contributions to the community, or those who are admired, or those who are the wealthiest. It's a list of the people who wield the power and can usually get their way. Our criteria are simple: Who would you want on your side in a fight? Who could pick up the telephone and call the governor, or even the president? Who would you not want to cross?

Here they are: The Power 50.

Florida Federal Defense Attorney Mark NeJame, Among the 50 Most Influencial People
47Mark NeJame made his money and his reputation as one of the city's top criminal attorneys. He often represented people you wouldn't invite over to the house for dinner. But along the way, he developed a reputation for helping anyone. His client list now includes public officials who find themselves in hot water. And he's becoming a big player in property development. Now 50, he is awaiting the birth of his first child.
Featured in: Orlando Magazine, July 2005