Anthony Family Fires Spokesman, Says he was Secretly Profiting from Caylee Disappearance

By Amy L. Edwards, Sarah Lundy and Walter Pacheco | Sentinel Staff Writers
Posted November 12, 2008

While George and Cindy Anthony were making national TV appearances to talk about their missing granddaughter Caylee Anthony, their California spokesman quietly pocketed $6,500, the family's lawyer tells the Orlando Sentinel.

Larry Garrison, who has denied making money off the Anthonys since he began representing them, was paid by NBC, according to an invoice and e-mail released to the newspaper by attorney Mark NeJame.

In an exclusive interview this morning, NeJame said the family is "hurt beyond belief" and feels that Garrison was "pimping" them out. They said they have fired the spokesman.

According to the invoice and e-mail from NBC, Garrison was paid for photos. However, NeJame said Garrison didn't have any pictures. NeJame also said Garrison told NBC not to tell the Anthonys about his arrangements.

"My clients, George and Cindy, were in my opinion, sold out," NeJame said. "They . . . were walked into a snake pit completely unbeknownst to them."

The Anthonys have denied making any money off their granddaughter's disappearance.

NBC and ABC officials have admitted to paying licensing fees for photos, which they say is standard practice, though neither company would say how much or to whom they paid.

"It has to stop and these people need to be exposed," NeJame said.

When confronted with the information and documents, Garrison told the Sentinel that the invoice, showing his film company's fax number, California address, as well as his signature, is a fabrication. "Someone is playing games here," Garrison said.

The Anthonys now know Garrison was "shopping" them around to news agencies, NeJame said. They thought he was just a friend to offer public relations advice.

"It's bad enough with everything else I'm going though," Cindy Anthony said in a telephone interview this morning.

Now she questions whether Garrison was paid for other appearances on Inside Edition and other shows.

"I never agreed to go on any shows for money," she said. "I was told numerous times that nobody was making any money."

NeJame said the Anthonys have fired Garrison. But Garrison said this morning he resigned "due to the erratic behavior of the Anthony family over the last two months."

Garrison denied making any money off the Anthonys, but said that as a story broker who negotiates money with news agencies for interviews with clients, he sees nothing wrong with getting paid for those interviews.

This morning, NeJame and Tim Miller, the founder of Texas EquuSearch, spoke with the Sentinel about their disgust for people they say have exploited the Anthonys, their daughter Casey and granddaughter Caylee.

Miller said Garrison early on told him about the books and movies that were going to be made off the case.

Miller said he once got in a screaming match with Garrison during a phone conversation in which the California spokesman demanded Miller appear on Good Morning America.

Source: Orlando Sentinel