Anthonys Hire Mark NeJame

Posted Friday, September 05, 2008

Anthonys Hire Mark NeJame - VideoGeorge and Cindy Anthony officially have some new high profile help.

Lawyer Mark NeJame said Thursday he has taken them on as clients, a day after meeting with the missing girl’s grandparents.

NeJame said the Anthonys have lots of legal questions.

He said they also want him to help to get the focus back to finding Caylee, and away from people making judgments on them.

" My heavens, who’s trained to deal with such a thing? To lose your granddaughter and then to wake up in the morning with a camera under your nose and to go to bed at night with a camera in a tree looking at every move that you're making. There's no opportunity for them to handle this, and they need help and they've asked for our help, and we're happy to provide it," said NeJame.

NeJame said he is in no way representing Casey Anthony.

NeJame would not go into detail about how the Anthonys will be paying for his legal fees.