Anthony Family Moves Prayer Vigils to Church

Posted October 02, 2008 10:06:10 AM

ORANGE COUNTY -- The Anthony family said Tuesday it will no longer hold weekly vigils outside their home.

That was the result of a discussion at the Orange County Commission meeting.

George and Cindy Anthony were present as commissioners discussed the increasingly violent protests going on outside the home, which have disrupted the East Orange County subdivision where the family lives.

Their lawyer Mark NeJame said it's a very difficult decision for the family to make, but they're doing this in the best interest of the neighbors.

“ Ended up attracting some miscreants and criminals who are some of the people who are showing up,” said NeJame. “I won't dignify them by calling them protesters. They were agitators, and unfortunately and sadly, they just thought it was best for them and their neighbors and their community not to do them at their home anymore. ”

Commissioners also said the sheriff's office should be able to pay for any law enforcement officers that are needed.

The vigils will be moved to a church beginning Sunday