Casey Anthony Case: Casey Anthony's Father Barges into News Conference
Casey Anthony's father, George Anthony, demanded to speak with an attorney who represents a volunteer search group.

By Amy L. Edwards and Sarah Lundy | Sentinel Staff Writers
Posted August 20, 2009

Watch Video: Casey Anthony's Father Barges into News ConferenceCasey Anthony's father barged into a news conference today and demanded to speak with an attorney who represents a volunteer search group that looked for his granddaughter last year.

George Anthony spoke to attorney Mark NeJame behind closed doors for several minutes until Anthony's attorney, Brad Conway, showed up and joined them.

About 30 minutes later, the three emerged, appearing calm.

George Anthony's daughter, Casey, 23, is accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee Marie, last year. The toddler's remains were found in a woods less than a mile from her family home.

George Anthony said he received a call from his daughter's defense attorney, Jose Baez, about the news conference and photos of the wooded area back in November -- a month before the remains were found.

There was a misunderstanding and everything had been resolved, Anthony said.

Neither Anthony nor NeJame would say would the misunderstanding was about.

Jose Baez's spokeswoman, Marti Mackenzie, said the defense team did contact George Anthony and his attorney about the news conference.

"He and the defense team felt the press conference and the release of the photos were improper," she said. The Anthonys may want to let their opinion be known, she said.

NeJame, an attorney for a volunteer search group that looked for Caylee last year, was holding the news conference at his Orlando law office.

NeJame was offering more details on behalf his client, Texas EquuSearch. Tim Miller, EquuSearch's founder, attended the press conference.

The land where Caylee's remains were found -- a vacant property a short walk from where she lived with her mother and grandparents -- was underwater last year, NeJame's office wrote in a letter to the State Attorney's Office and Anthony's defense team before the news conference started.

NeJame's office also released aerial photos showing the property in east Orange County was underwater while searchers were looking for Caylee.

NeJame said the pictures is to counter some people's reports that the area was dry at the time.

"This is to clarify any confusion," he said. "The pictures are important for everybody – for justice, for seeking the truth."

Caylee's remains were not found until Dec. 11 -- long after the water receded -- after getting a tip from an Orange County meter-reader.

Meanwhile, Casey Anthony's defense has made another request for information from prosecutors.

In a 90-page motion and corresponding exhibits filed today, defense lawyers Linda Kenney Baden, Andrea D. Lyon and Baez said they want law-enforcement communications with the FBI, Oak Ridge National Laboratory and various experts including a botanist and entomologist.

Defense attorneys requested information in the first-degree murder case against Casey Anthony in March and they have not received the material, the motion said.

Source: Orlando Sentinel