Caylee Anthony Case Drained EquuSearch Resources, Leader Says

By Amy L. Edwards | Sentinel Staff Writer
Posted January 15, 2009

Tim Miller of Texas EquuSearch (right) sits with attorney Mark NeJameTim Miller, the founder of Texas EquuSearch, has told the Orlando Sentinel that getting his group involved in the Caylee Marie Anthony case might be one of the biggest mistakes he's made for the organization.

In a recent interview with the Sentinel, Miller said that so many resources were used and so much money spent on Caylee's case, they now don't have enough to assist all the other people who contact EquuSearch for help.

The publicity has caused EquuSearch's caseload to increase more than ever. And because of the economy, donations to the nonprofit are down.

"Caylee Anthony was not the very first missing person in this country and she's not going to be the last missing person in this country," Miller said. Now, EquuSearch has to be very selective in which cases it works.

Miller said the search for Caylee was more costly than he could have imagined. And he can't remember a search that has had as many twists and turns.

"This has been a frustrating case for everybody," he said.

"This has caused me personally a lot of financial, emotion and physical grief. This case wore on me more than any case that I've worked."

Meanwhile, EquuSearch continues to search throughout the country for other missing people. Miller continues to run a small construction company.

And now, two months after he called-off the second ground search for Caylee, Miller is still being wrapped up in the case.

The defense attorney representing Caylee's mother, Casey Anthony, recently filed a motion seeking information from EquuSearch. Jose Baez asked the court for EquuSearch's records including maps of search areas and information on volunteers.

No hearing date has been set to address Baez's motion.

Orlando attorney Mark NeJame, who formerly represented Caylee's grandparents, is representing Miller.

Still, Miller said he has no regrets.

"When we came into this search, we had nothing to gain and nothing to lose," he said. "I don't regret anything and I certainly do remember what this is about -- and it's Caylee Anthony.

Source: Orlando Sentinel