Caylee Fund Open Again to Donors
Attorney Says Allegations Of Mismanagement Unfounded

Posted 8:31 am EDT September 29, 2008

ORLANDO, Fla. -- The grandparents of Caylee Anthony said they want to keep the focus of the investigation on the search for the missing toddler.

That was the message as Cindy and George Anthony resumed weekly vigils at their home.

About seven people also protested during the vigil.

During the event, George Anthony said the Help Find Caylee fund is operating again. It had been shut down by SunTrust Bank after allegations of charity fraud.

Attorney Paul Kelley said he was saddened that he had to make the decision to suspend the trust fund, which is connected to

"Any money that has come in through our fund, we can tell you exactly what it was, where it went and how much is left," Kelley said.

Trouble started when the bank received harassing e-mails from people critical of the fund.

Kelley said the money was not illegally used. He said it was used to pay for search-related items like posters and water for volunteers. He said he can account for every penny, and none of it went to the Anthony family.

State officials are looking into the allegations of fraud. Attorney Mark NeJame is expected to hold a news conference on Monday to release documents that show there was no mismanagement of the fund.