Charges Dropped Against 'Pauper to Princess' Director

Posted May 07, 2008 11:33:03 PM

APOPKA -- Prosecutors dropped the charges against the man accused of holding several reality show contestants hostage inside a home.

The State Attorney's Office cleared Marc Brilleman Wednesday.

He was involved with Dream House Productions, a company producing a show called “Pauper to Princess,” where eight ordinary girls would be turned into royalty.

In April, four contestants said they weren't allowed to leave, and had to force their way outside.

Brilleman's lawyer said the girls were lying all along.

" Women were coming and going on weekends. If you’re being held against your will, why are you coming back? Why are you writing letters begging to stay on the show?" said Mark NeJame, Brilleman's attorney.

Brilleman was originally arrested for false imprisonment.

NeJame said they now plan to sue the women, and that Brilleman will leave the production company.