Could Caylee Search Volunteers' Private Info go Public?

By Jacqueline Fell
Posted Saturday, January 23, 2010 4:59:34 PM

ORLANDO -- A judge granted a continuation for the volunteer search group Texas EquuSearch.

The defense wants any and all information on the hundreds of volunteers who joined in the search for Caylee Anthony.

More than a year later after people volunteered their time, their private information, including their address and phone numbers, could be for all to see.

Texas EquuSearch handed over information on 32 people to the defense. It said only those searchers combed through the area where Caylee's remains were eventually found.

The defense said "evidence discovered by the defense shows that statements made by Texas EquuSearch (TES) to the court were inaccurate."

"If the organization itself said these are the only 32 people in the area and now they've been called out and that's not accurate as the defense's motion states, then it's the organization's own fault," said Will Jay, a legal expert.

But it's you who could pay.

The defense demanded all documents relating to the search.

Under Florida's public information laws, that means anyone can view the information.

"That's the risk you run," Jay said. "Sometimes when you sign up to volunteer for things, you have to expect that you might be the one that finds the body or in this instant what's relevant is that nobody did find the body."

The judge was expected to hear this motion Monday, but News 13 has just learned it won't happen.

Mark NeJame, who represents Texas EquuSearch, filed a continuation and it was granted Friday afternoon.

NeJame said this will likely come up again in February.

Meanwhile, Casey Anthony's defense team fired back at the state attorney's office in court documents that only News 13 obtained.

Defense attorneys Andrea Lyon and Jose Baez did it responding to a state attorney's motion, saying the defense is delaying Anthony's murder case from moving forward.

The documents claim the lead prosecutor in the case, Jeff Ashton, "... made statements to this honorable court that were untrue."

The documents also said the state is actually responsible for the delays in the case.

The defense team said it needs several pieces of evidence from the state to move forward, and they said the state isn't handing it over.

The two sides face off again in court at 1:30 p.m. Monday.

News 13 will have extended live coverage of the hearing